Day: August 7, 2016

VIDEO: Dutch cyclist suffers terrifying crash

Annemiek Van Vleuten was in the lead on the descent and cruising around 50mph when a slick roadway from a slight drizzle caused her to crash head-first into the curb. She laid there looking lifeless for a minute or two before she received medical attention. As I write this NBC says there are unconfirmed reports from the Dutch Olympic team that she is okay. Thank God, in live action I swear she looked like she died. That was one of the nastiest crashes I have ever seen and hope I never see anything like that again. She was FLYING...

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QuickPitch: A-Rod Leaves Complicated Legacy

2016 has seen its fair share of sports legends retire, and we can now add one more to the list. While referring to Alex Rodriguez as a “legend” is sure to inspire enough controversy on its own, you don’t need to view his career statistics to understand that the long-time shortstop and third baseman was one of the most talented to ever play the game. Maybe you don’t want to look at his stats because you don’t believe they’re legitimate, serving as an inflated marker of the heights that can be reached with needles and creams. Much like Rodriguez’s...

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American Alex Massialas with an unreal comeback in Men's Foil

For those who are unaware, Foil is a type of blade used in Fencing and fencing is played on points, you earn points by touching the opponent in set areas and the first to 15 points wins. Alex Massialas, the World’s top Foil Fencer was on the ropes against Italian Giorgio Avola. The match was even at 7-7 when Avola went on a 7-1 run and was one touch away from moving on to the Semi-finals. Massialas went on a 7-0 run showing grit and poise to comeback and win in spectacular fashion. Watching this was so intense, I...

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Jim Furyk sets PGA Record with 58 at Travelers

Jimmy Furyk is at it again. Starting the day 16 strokes behind the leader, Furyk went on an absolute tear to set the PGA Record. He hit 10 birdies and an Eagle for his round. I don’t think I’ve even hit 10 pars in my life let alone 12 under in a single round. Furyk was a man possessed as he birdied 7(!!!!!!!) straight holes from holes 6 to 12. Jimmy started the day with a par and followed it up by hitting a 16-foot birdie putt on the Par 4 2nd and never looked back. He set the...

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What to Watch Olympics Day 4

Monday August 8th Field Hockey 9am/8c NBCSN The United States women look to ride the momentum after a huge tournament opening win to Gold medal favorite Argentina. They take on the Australians who are looking to bounce back after a 2-1 loss to the British. The American team is coming off of a last place finish in London. Field Hockey is another crazy sport to watch, this ball is like a rock and these girls are incredibly tough, much like ice hockey players. Fencing/Archery 3pm/2c NBCSN Medals will be awarded in the Women’s individual sabre competition. American Mariel Zagunis...

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