Day: August 31, 2016

Tim Tebow's Baseball Workout Reminiscent of Football

A little late to the party but late is better than never right? Tim Tebow had his “showcase” for almost the entire MLB the yesterday and it ranged from shockingly good to as bad as people expected. First off, who the hell decided that baseball players “showcase” their talents, what the hell is this the Price Is Right or a goddamn beauty pageant? Come on. Second, this is such an “uhhhh ya think” moment it’s unreal, of course he sucked! He’s 29 years old and has been training to be a football player for pretty much his entire adult...

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Week 1 College Football Picks

  Week 1 College Football Picks Every week I’m going to give you guys my favorite 5 picks for the upcoming college football slate. Without further ado Texas A&M -3 UCLA UCLA rolls into this game a 3-point underdog despite having possibly the best QB in the nation in Josh Rosen, and that alone should peak your interest. I love the Aggies in this one for a very simple reason, pressure. UCLA is going to be breaking in 3 new OL starters on the road in a hostile environment, which in itself is enough of a problem, but then...

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Episode 1: College Sports Podcast

Here it is, the inaugural episode of the Let Me B-Frank College Sports Podcast hosted by the Brians, B-Frank and B-Fox. Each and every week we will bring in-depth coverage of what to watch for in the world of college sports. We will review the biggest games and story-lines from the previous week as well as highlight some key players, match-ups and make some predictions for the upcoming week. As always, any and all feedback is much appreciated! This week, the Brians discuss the big picture, making their preseason Heisman, as well as Power 5 conference champion predictions. The...

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Let Me B-Frank Podcast: August 31

In this week’s episode, Brian, Pete and John take on the touchy subjects in recent news, including Colin Kaepernick sitting for the National Anthem, the murder of Nykea Aldridge, and the University of Chicago’s ban on safe spaces. For the Top 5 segment, the guys list their favorite sports movies of all time and Pete suggests a more realistic remake of Air Bud. To top it all off, Brian and Pete get into a heated argument regarding the conspiracy theory whether Stevie Wonder is actually blind. Disagree with us? Leave your comments and feedback in the section below. We always love to hear from...

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