Day: October 5, 2016

Help Support Michael Cooney As He Runs A Marathon for Team CF

HERE IS THE LINK TO DONATE!!! My cousin, Michael, is going to run the Bank of America Marathon while representing Team CF on Sunday, October 9. Michael is running for his cousin (my brother) Kevin Cooney and together we’re asking everyone to donate to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. There’s much more info in the link, which you should DEFINITELY click to found out more/donate but I’ll just give a quick summary. CF is a genetic disease that affects about 50,000 people worldwide. The good news is that the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation is actually one of the more successful non-profit organizations out...

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Win or Lose…I'm Sorry if I Put Any of You in the Hospital

Due to a very important prior familial engagement (my parents needing a ride to the airport), I was only able to play my drinking game for the second half of the football game last weekend.  Although it turned out to be the less eventful half of the game, I still feel that I owe anybody that attempted to play my game an apology.  When I started playing, changes were needed almost immediately.  I hope that you all came to the same realization as quickly as I did…my original rules were not to be followed (find original rules here).  I’m...

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NFL Week 5 Picks

Big week last week for the LMBF site picks as Wooding went 4-1 with his College Football picks and I also had a 4-1 week. If it weren’t for Philip Rivers blowing a 13 point lead with 5 minutes left I would have been perfect last week…but hey, 4-1 ain’t bad. Last Week: 4-1 (Survivor 1-0) Overall: 7-3 (Survivor 1-1) Philadelphia Eagles at Detroit Lions OVER 46 The Eagles are coming off of a bye week and play a dejected Detroit team. The Lions failed to score an offensive touchdown last week, yikes. Fear not, the ole gunslinger Matt Stafford...

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Let Me B-Frank Podcast: October 5

This week John is on assignment in Cleveland, Ohio so Pete steps in with Brian to discuss the NFL, Ryder Cup and the start of the NBA and NHL Preseasons. The guys have guest Tom Callahan on for an interview and finish up the week with their segments, including a great exchange between Metta World Peace and a reporter. 0:52 NFL Talk 4:49 Bears have finally won a game 6:26 Ryan Fitzpatrick stinks 12:15 The Vikings are really, really good 13:51 Ryder Cup 16:56 NBA/NHL Preseasons have begun 17:24 Bulls #0 is not Aaron Brooks anymore, the more...

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FIFA, Infantino Look to Expand World Cup to 48 Teams

Why, why, why…? Dammit Gianni, can’t you recognize a good thing when you’ve got one? The World Cup is perfectly fine in its current state and format. Expansion of tournaments almost always brings about confusion, complaint and a feeling of disappointment. Currently, the World Cup is broken down into 8 groups of 4 teams, each team plays 3 group stage matches, the two teams with the most points move on to the knockout phase. Simple enough. With Infantino’s new format, there would be the top 16 teams already seeded in groups, following by 32 teams playing in 16 “play-off”...

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