Day: November 19, 2016

The Referees Blew Fenwick’s Chances at a State Title UPDATE: Officials Admit Fault, but Call will not be Changed.

For a recap of tonight’s game, check out the live updates we did throughout. If you’re reading this article, I’m sure you’ve already heard of the loss Fenwick endured tonight in heartbreaking fashion. With 3 seconds remaining, Quarterback Jacob Keller tossed the ball into the Fenwick sidelines as time expired, and the stands celebrated as if Fenwick was heading to Champaign for the first time in school history.  But the officials said otherwise, and called an intentional grounding on the play. It was the correct call, but what the refereeing crew awarded Plainfield North was incorrect. The referees ruled that...

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Fenwick-Plainfield North Live Blog

3:25pm: Late arriving crowd at Triton, brisk weather with gusting winds, football weather.  3:30pm: Friars kick off to start the game.  11:02 1st Quarter: Friars force a 3 and out, short punt into the wind, Fenwick ball at the Plainfield North 40. 8:51 1st: Plainfield forces 3 and out, Fenwick punts, Tigers take over at their own 10.  6:44 1st: A great homage to punt week as the Tigers go 3 and out. Fenwick ball at the Tiger 46.  4:14 1st: Tigers pick off Fenwick in the end zone. Friars picked up the first 1st down of the game before...

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Division 3 Lyndon State Held To 4 Points At Halftime

That is correct, a men’s college basketball team was held to a gentleman’s 4 points against University of Vermont. Lyndon State is a small college in Vermont with 1,500 students and zero basketball ability. How do you continue your season after this? I had to try and find this game online and thanks to Twitter, I found a live stream. After about 3 minutes of watching this team is absolutely atrocious. Turnovers galore, missing open jump shots, and not one shred of defense being played. I am officially invested in this Lyndon State season to see if they can...

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Zaza Pachulia Hit a Wide Open 15 Footer in a Blow Out and Decided to Slap His Own Ass in Celebration

Zaza Pachulia smackin' it — CJ Fogler (@cjzero) November 19, 2016   You know, I’ve never actually experienced being a 5th wheel in a real life situation, but that is exactly what Zaza Pachulia is on a nightly basis. He’s the 5th starter on a team starting¬†4 All-NBA players, so by all means, dance your ass off if you get manage to get any kind of shot off, Zaza.   After further research, it looks like Zaza was poking some fun at his new teammate KD. Zaza Pachulia and Kevin Durant are best friends, can confirm. Share this:PrintTweetEmailLike...

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