Day: December 10, 2016

If the White Sox REALLY Tear it Down

Rick Hahn started the fire with two moves this week, shipping out Chris Sale and Adam Eaton and adding 6 new guys to the White Sox top 10 prospects, including their top 4, 2 of which happen to be the #1 and #3 prospects in the game. Ill review what Hahn has done and my outlook on the Sox rebuild when its finished, I know this isn’t the last move so no need to jump the gun. Instead, this blog is just going to be pouring Kerosene all over Hahn’s fire, and throwing out a bunch of hypothetical trades....

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5 Teams that should “Go For It”

  The MLB seems to be adopting the NBA style of tanking. You are either all in, or all out. The middle ground is evaporating, and the contenders are turning into Super Teams. If you want to contend with the Cubs and the Red Sox, you better be committed to really going for it. Just this week, we saw the Nats shed the #3 prospect in baseball for Adam Eaton, the Red Sox trade the #1 prospect for Chris Sale, and the Cubs trade 4 years of Jorge Soler’s potential for 70 innings of Wade Davis. The message is...

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