Day: December 19, 2016

The NBA’s New CBA Is Paying Back Flopping Fines, Which Means No More Lawsuit From the Players’ Union

The NBA’s owners and players agreed to terms on a new collective bargaining agreement over the weekend, and much of the league’s policies remained the same, with a few small exceptions. For one, the league decided that it would pay back half of the flopping fines handed out, and collaborate with the union to decide future fines. In return, the players’ union dropped its Unfair Labor Practices Lawsuit against the league, which was filed back in 2011. This was when the last CBA was being negotiated, and the suit cited that the league was “making harsh, inflexible, and grossly regressive...

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12 Days of WWE

The Christmas season is in full swing and the New Year is soon to follow. 2016 has been an excellent year for the WWE. In light of LMBF’s 12 days of sports I will share my top 12 moments from the WWE in 2016.   12. AJ Styles ruthless attack on John Cena Before the brand split fans were unsure how the two largest egos(Styles and Cena) would clash. They did not have to wait long to find out, as an immediate rivalry between Cena and Styles took over the WWE. The brand split also brought Anderson and Gallows back...

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Top Songs in EA SPORTS NHL History

Photo credit: Amazon We know you love hockey videogames. Nothing is ever going to beat this intro. All sports games have soundtracks, but EA NHL games have featured some wicked tunes over the years. Fellow LMBF pal Kevin Bartman and I decided to break down the best songs these games have had to offer. 11. Scorpions – Rock You Like A Hurricane (2010) An absolutely timeless rock song. I may be biased because this was always played at the UC, but this song was destined for an NHL game. Plus, Patrick Kane was on the cover, so you can’t not...

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