Justi in case you were wondering, Joakim Noah isn’t making this list, just wanted to keep you on your toes. We’ve got a great slate of games coming up on Christmas Day, so let’s look back at some of the best plays we saw from the past calendar year. SPOILER: Steph Curry and Russell Westbrook are good at basketball.

12. Jeff Green dunk buzzer beater

11. Westbrook schoolyard inbound off Rodney Hood

10. Steph ridiculous falling 3 against Grizzlies

9. Zach Lavine yams on Alex Len

8. Russ and Oladipo back to back buzzer beaters

7. Steph game winner vs OKC

6. Kyrie game 7 three to clinch it

5. Green to Curry to Durant alley oop

4. Westbrook game winning dunk on Clint Capela

3. LeBron alley oop from Kyrie

2. Larry Nance

1. LeBlock