Month: January 2017

Lane Kiffin Is Every Hungover College Kid In This Florida Atlantic Signing Day Video Lane Kiffin and FAU Football dropped one of the most enticing, enthusiastic and hopeful pre-signing day videos we have ever seen today. Wow, just wow. What a cinematic masterpiece right there. Kiffin looked like he would rather be anywhere but filming that video. He looked like every college kid home for Thanksgiving break that goes way too hard on Black Wednesday only to be woken up at 8 am in a cold sweat because they have to go to a relative’s house. Hand up, we’ve all been there once or twice before, I know I have. As of...

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Go With The Flow Podcast: January 31st

Dan, Nick, and Kevin bring you the latest edition of Go With The Flow. We discuss the action from the All-Star break, trade rumors, and if John Tavares is on his way out of Brooklyn. Share this:PrintTweetEmailLike this:Like...

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Big Bad Bronny went at Charles Barkley’s throat

Print that. Ok, tough guy. I have to keep this short and sweet. If I start losing my cool after a post game interview on a Monday night in January against the goddamn 18 win Dallas Mavericks, safety pin boy will have me worn out by the time we get to a 4-1 Warriors victory in the Finals. The guy has the emotional capacity of a 16 year old girl trying to decide which boy in her Math class she should ask to the Sadie Hawkins dance, and every night he has to one up himself. You think his...

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Fox’s Top Ten: The Madness Has Begun

Remember when I told y’all that every good team was actually bad? Last week was a pretty strong indication that that isn’t too far away from the truth. Seven of the top 10 teams in the country lost, and Kentucky and Florida State both dropped two games. UCLA couldn’t stop crosstown foe USC (not that the Bruins can stop anyone), and UNC had a woeful shooting night against Miami, dropping both teams with FSU out of the rankings. Louisville, West Virginia, and Wisconsin replace them. Let’s get into it. 10. Wisconsin (Last Week: Not Ranked) It’s hard for me...

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Carmelo to the Celtics NEEDS to Happen

Per Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe: “The Knicks haven’t given up hope on including the Celtics as a partner in a potential deal for Carmelo Anthony, sending a scout to Saturday’s Celtics-Bucks game.” “A source indicated that Knicks president Phil Jackson has instructed management to move Anthony, who has a no-trade clause but included the Celtics as one of the teams for whom he’d waive the clause.” “An NBA source said Celtics coach Brad Stevens would embrace coaching Anthony, but president of basketball operations Danny Ainge has rejected any deal.” Ainge is understandably hesitant about puling the trigger...

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