A few guys here at LMBF believe that McDonald’s puts the SHAM in Shamrock Shake. How naive. Shamrock Shakes are a seasonal delight that I cannot get enough of. As the only menu item at McDonald’s that I have ordered in the last few years, I can understand how some people may not appreciate the novelty of such a delectable treat, but claiming that there may be nothing more overrated than a Shamrock shake? Blasphemous.

Want to know an overhyped seasonal treat at McDonald’s? Enter the McRib. The nationwide ad campaigns and general excitement that abounds during its periodic ‘re-release’ makes little sense. The McRib is legitimately a school lunch barbecue sandwich that—while tasty—deserves little recognition. The folks over at the Golden Arch Supper Club’s executive offices give Sysco Foods a call every now and then to borrow their (barely) meat patties. No big deal.

On the other hand, the Shamrock Shake is unique to a McD’s. During my junior and senior years of high school, I would drive home for a sandwich at lunchtime, then scoot down the hill to grab a Shamrock Shake to savor during my first afternoon class. If I did this less than three times per week I would be shocked. Aside from apple sauce, Shamrock Shakes may be what sustained me more than anything during my formative years. While the frequency of my Shamrock Shake consumption has diminished since then, nabbing this magical concoction during breaks between classes or after work never ceases to improve my day.

The Shamrock Shake even shook up my favorite season rankings, unseating college football bowl season in second place behind March Madness. I will admit that I am apprehensive about the new variations in Shamrock shakes, as I am a traditionalist through and through in this department. However, this saturation does not warrant ludicrous claims that this glorious creation is wildly overrated. Mint and chocolate were made for intermingling. Understood?

In case you still have yet to clamor for a Shamrock Shake, or at least understand that the hype may well be worth it, here is a list of a few things that are far more overrated than Shamrock Shakes:

Chipotle, speeding, avocados, craft beer, bottled water, Starbucks, Tom Brady, iPhones, celebrity opinions, California, organic food, organized religion, birthday parties, fine dining. 

Whether you enjoy Shamrock Shakes or not, little argument can be made that anything on this list is not grossly overpraised. Cheers. 

photo credit: sporkwrapper Picture a day 071 via photopin (license)