Update:¬†BREAKING: LiAngelo and LaMelo Ball heading to… Lithuania?

If you haven’t heard yet, LaMelo Ball, the little brother of Lonzo, scored 92 points in a HS game. Here is the video.


Here’s my hot takes bundled into a nice, unorganized rambling bullet list

  • This kid sucks. Like to even be down to do this is garbage. Everyone wants to blame the Dad, who also sucks, but I’m putting at least half the blame on this kid.
  • I would be more impressed by someone putting up like 10 in a CPS game. This is the least impressive 92 points of all time. At least when Grinnell College does PR stunts like this and some kid scores 100 its on actual jumpers and shit. This is garbage.
  • Idk how you can possibly stand this kid if he’s on your team! I would just DESPISE him and would totally not pass him the ball at the risk of being benched.
  • The Dad Sucks. This is well known. While I love Lonzo, I’m officially team against the Ball family. They are so annoying.
  • Benet Academy beats Chino Hills 39-37. I want that on record. Gene Heidkamp beats this team.
  • Any good CPS team RUINS them as well at their respective small shitty CPS gym. Like this team travels to Morgan Park and loses. Also want that hot take on record. Good Chicago guards who are used to press defense would run train on them on offense, and this twig wouldn’t score a bucket. I will start the GoFundMe to get them at the Proviso West tournament right now.
  • The team they are playing is TRASH. This is when that random D3 religious school from down the road plays Duke or Kansas or something in October to get a warm up in and a cool experience. Nobody would care is Grayson Allen scored 50 that night.
  • These tweets
  • The HANDS down best part of the video is @ 10:00


Cookies!!! I would have been such an asshole if I picked him clean like that. Remarkable humility by that guy.