Before I dive into the regularly-scheduled nonsense that is #ThoughtTrainThursday, I would like to mention two historic events in United States history.

Uncommon Valor Was a Common Virtue 

The most iconic picture in American history was snapped 72 years ago today. The flag raising at Iwo Jima.

An incredible photograph for an incredible moment. God bless the Corps.

Upsets Galore

February 22nd marked the 37th anniversary of arguably the greatest sporting upset ever. It was on that day in 1980 that the United States knocked off the Soviet Union to advance to the gold medal game at the Lake Placid Olympics. I have actually gotten to hold a gold medal from that team when it was on display at a Kansas City T-Bones game circa Summer 2013.

I promise it’s the real thing. I am also glad that I had the foresight to dress myself in topical garb so I could blog about one of our mighty nation’s chief athletic accomplishments three and a half years later. Talk about sticking to the theme. Was this legendary contest directly responsible for a wild night of  college basketball yesterday? Probably not, but it is as good of a transition as I could come up with.

I Cannot Wait to Have Cable Again

While I was able to catch the second half of Creighton’s heartbreaking loss to Providence after I got home from rugby yesterday, I found out that the Friars had sunk a deep prayer with 2.4 seconds left to bury the Bluejays when my phone pinged. All in all, not a great day for Creighton Basketball. Anyways, since I was watching on a shoddy, delayed stream that appeared to be shot with a piece of wax paper over the camera lens, I got to be gravely disappointed twice. About 45 seconds after I got the update on my phone I began to pray that it was some kind of mistake. Then, I watched the 25-foot dagger fall through the nylon, silencing a raucous CenturyLink Center crowd.

Disappointed, I opened the FoxSportsGo app to find that an upset was brewing in the matchup responsible for the Creighton game’s relegation to a lesser broadcast, Butler and Villanova. The defending national champs made it interesting in the final minute, but it was comforting to me to know that the Jays were not the only Big East team to be upset yesterday night. In fact, Providence’s valiant comeback was not even close to the best finish of the night. That was split between Oregon’s buzzer-beater against Cal and Syracuse’s against Duke. I found out about those two finishes via twitter.

As much as I am able to justify the cost-cutting decision to not pay for exorbitantly-priced TV packages for my three roommates and I, I miss watching sports until my eyes bleed. Last night presented the perfect opportunity to flip between games and catch all four aforementioned finishes live rather than on sketchy feeds, up-to-the-minute phone notifications, and social media. However, if this is my biggest gripe each time the sporting world spoils us, I’ve got it pretty good. Only a few more months until I can skirt on other obligations to view games in which I have no rooting interest. I could not be more excited.

Is Jimmy John’s More Overrated Than Chipotle?

I expect to get some kickback with this one. It prompted quite the discussion when I brought it up in the LMBF GroupMe earlier, but I have just one thing for you to consider. How good can a sandwich shop really be if the highlights of eating there are the *~zany~* signs on the wall and the bread? Great bread can complement a solid sandwich very well, but what goes on the sandwich is far more important. Great bread + lackluster meat, cheese, and vegetables does not a savory sandwich make. They pride themselves on being freaky fast, so how much care can ever go into one of their subs? Just something to think about.

photo credit: Thank you, my friends, Adam! New America ( 不一样的美国 ) via photopin (license)