We are one week away from the start of the NCAA Tournament. Ever since James White found the end zone in overtime on February 5th, it’s been full put your head down and fight through the dog days mode. Anybody who is ANYBODY knows that from the time until the Super Bowl ends until the start of the NCAA tournament is the worst time period of the 365 day calendar. Literally the highlight of that time for me was when Kevin Durant went back to OKC and the game was not even close. Sprinkle some decent college basketball games in there just to help us see the light, but it is the absolute worst time of the year.

Today, conference tournaments start to pick up. Selection Sunday is a couple days away, the tournament is finally here, a month from today is moving day at Augusta, baseball is back, life is so good. We made it through February, and the grass is so much greener on this side.

Well, at least it should be.

Because realistically, the ONLY thing that could mess up this state of euphoria we are in right now is something like this:

This is the kind of thing that ruins your entire mental state of well-being. When you talk about the Chicago Bears front office, you’ve gotta break everything down to the simplest terms. Just break it down to its absolute simplest form because it’s the only way to wrap your head around how insane the people making decisions actually are. I want to paint you a picture to help  understand this a little better.

There are $15 Million dollars sitting on a table. There are three chairs at said table. Alshon Jeffery is in one, an empty chair is in the middle, representing possibilities to sign another free agent, trade with another team, or anything else, and Mike Glennon is in the last chair. Ryan Pace is sitting across from these three chairs. Ryan Pace then decides to push all of the money on the table over to Mike Glennon. Goodbye Alshon, goodbye other potential free agent signings and trade bait, and here are the keys to the kingdom Mike Glennon. Meeting adjourned.

Be right back.


I mean, that’s basically what is happening here. What scenario in the world does it make sense to dump Jay Cutler only to pay Mike Glennon that kinda money?? What scenario in the world does it make sense to give Mike Glennon a monster paycheck and say goodbye to Alshon?? Seriously, my dog would have the brain capacity to make the right decision here. THIS GUY?!?!

in the zone

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This is supposed to be Gotham’s white knight?!?! The person who believes that the first step in a rebuilding process is to pay Mike Glenon $15 million should have to spend 20 years in prison. There should be some sort of corporal punishment for the person that goes through with this. If Ryan Pace actually signs Mike Glennon, we are marching on Halas Hall. Get your pitchforks and get your legs stretched out, because we will not stand for this. God I hate this team.

So that’s that. Go back to enjoying the time of year that you should be enjoying most. Don’t let this organization eat at your insides any more than it already does. Standby for now, but stay woke my friends. The time may soon be approaching that we take matters in to our own hands.

Mike Glennon, Bear for Life.