Day: March 15, 2017

Champions League Round of 16

Today is the last day of the Champions League Round of 16. Now to help people who are new to the knockout rounds of the UEFA Champions League (UCL) I’ll briefly explain how it works. Once the match ups are decided you play your opponent in two games (legs). Each team will host a game and the team that score the most goals over the two legs moves on, if the teams are tied after the full 90 minutes of the second league is played then away goals are used as a tiebreaker. If the teams are also tied on...

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Let Me B-Frank Podcast: March 15th

Pete and Brian introduce a new segment we like to call the “Lavar Ball Hot Take of the Week”, so for our sake let’s hope Mr. Ball keeps scorching the Earth with his takes. We give Jay Cutler a nice little obituary and Brian tells me how wonderful Martellus Bennett is going to be on the Packers. Top 5 is best mascots in the NCAA Tournament. 00:00 The Friars are great down state 1:25 March Madness 10:10 NFL Free Agency 19:00 Dirk joins the 30k club, the Bulls finally get a George W. 24:07 Top 5 Mascots 28:20 Lavar Ball...

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