Day: March 23, 2017

LMBF Fantasy Baseball Draft Grades

Your favorite LMBF bloggers are participating in a 12 team fantasy baseball league this year, and I am here for the draft grades. If you’re wondering why I’m not in the league itself, I actually enjoy the sport of baseball and would enjoy a fantasy baseball league not a desperate attempt at making everything into fantasy football (the league is fucking h2h points with weekly matchups which is all time dumb and I am salty about it. I am writing this whole blog as passive aggressive protest because everyone loves that guy). I was emailed the draft results and...

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When the Hawks Scored 5 Goals in the Third

I was at the game on Sunday where the Chicago Blackhawks played the Colorado Avalanche, and after being down 3-1 going into the third and playing like shit, the Hawks rallied and demolished the Avs, scoring 5 goals in the final period of the game. Watching that game, the first period seemed to be going okay. Patrick Kane had scored the first goal of the game and the Hawks were on the board. Unfortunately, the Avs scored two that period and we went to intermission trailing. After Kane had scored, he didn’t seem like he had any handle on...

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