I was at the game on Sunday where the Chicago Blackhawks played the Colorado Avalanche, and after being down 3-1 going into the third and playing like shit, the Hawks rallied and demolished the Avs, scoring 5 goals in the final period of the game.

Watching that game, the first period seemed to be going okay. Patrick Kane had scored the first goal of the game and the Hawks were on the board. Unfortunately, the Avs scored two that period and we went to intermission trailing. After Kane had scored, he didn’t seem like he had any handle on the puck. He was missing passes, giving up turnovers, and missing shots. Like every other Hawks fan, I was concerned.

The second period was awful. The Hawks did nothing but pass the puck, very few shots on goal, and every time they had an opportunity to put pucks on net, they seemed to give up the puck or miss horrendously. It was disheartening. They had a power play where they only had two shots on goal in the two minutes and neither of them were of high quality. All they did was dump and chase which, if you’ve seen the Hawks do it in a game, rarely ever works for them. They simply give it up and chase it back down to their own end. When the Hawks are only dumping and chasing, their chances of scoring decrease considerably. It was hard to watch.

The third period came with a wave of energy. When the first goal was scored, the house went nuts. It’s the Madhouse on Madison. But during that quick time where the Blackhawks scored 3 goals in 34 seconds, it was electric. They happened so fast, we couldn’t even get passed cheering for the previous one. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I couldn’t hear myself think because of how loud the UC was with fans cheering and the goal horn booming, shaking the house. It was easily one of the best hockey games I’ve ever witness but is the second best I’ve ever attended, only because nothing beats your first NHL hockey game (mine consisted of spilling a beer on an unsuspecting Coyotes fan after the Hawks scored a sick goal).

This game is hard to describe. I’m a writer, and I can’t seem to find the proper words to describe what I saw and felt. From the sea of fans jumping all at once to the freight train goal horn blaring, it was one of the best hockey games I’d ever been to.