A Legend Lost 

Lead With Creed has been postponed this week in wake of Chris “Big Black” Boykin’s unexpected passing. Instead, I’d like to share a scene that brought joy and laughter to so many.

Every great father-son relationship is built on childhood traditions. For Jim and I, some of these unique traditions are difficult to understand. The first – my dad still claims that his favorite song to have been released after the turn of the century is Gold Digger, by Kanye West. We’ve been bobbing our heads to that hit for years. Secondly – we played ATV Off-road Fury for hours on end on my Playstation 2. That was the first competitive activity that I ever beat him at. The last was watching Rob & Big. Watching their friendship unfold on MTV had us doubled over countless times. He will be missed.

Get Matt Albers In The ESPN Body Issue 


There are dozens of Matt Albers-types littered throughout the stands at every baseball game. If I were to have cropped the photo accordingly, you’d have no clue that this guy is a professional athlete. Had I not known better, I would have thought that this was a steamfitter who let himself go after having kids. If Vince Wilfork can pose in the nude for a widely-distributed publication, who’s to say Matt Albers can’t? That blank stare could win the hearts of a divided nation.

Cellar Dwellers Duke it Out on the Virtual Diamond

I began the LMBF Fantasy Baseball season 0-4, so I decided it was time for a change. LMBF’s resident former used-car salesman – Nick Anton – swindled me out of cold-blooded killer Max Scherzer for Christian Yelich and (still injured) Yoenis Cespedes. A week later, I stand at 1-4 in a close matchup with fellow one-win Jack Cooney. This begs the question: is my fantasy team better without multi-color eyed freak Max Scherzer? It sure looks like it.

At least I’m still the proud owner of an MLB record-holder. Well, almost.