Top 10 Best Ankle Breakers Of All Time3 min read

Top 10 Best Ankle Breakers Of All Time<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">3</span> min read</span>

Long story short, I had to get ankle surgery over the weekend because my left ankle has been all kinds of fucked up for almost two years now (broke it a week before my senior year football season, heart-breaking stuff people). In honor of me having to be on my ass and in a cast for 6 weeks, I decided to put together a list of my top 10 best ankle breakers of all time. Here it goes:

  1. Deron Williams Puts Captain Kirk On Skates

Almost think crossing up a white guy should disqualify you from making it on this list, but nonetheless Deron made Kirk look like he was at a roller rink with this crossover.


  1. Jordan’s Last Shot As A Chicago Bull

I realize MJ pushed off here which again should probably DQ him from this list, but the sheer historical magnitude of this play is deserving enough to break my top 10.


  1. Marshawn Lynch Murders Ray Lewis

You would think with Ray’s both metaphorical and literal track record that this headline would be the other way around, but Marshawn absolutely sent two Ravens FLYING on this juke. Beast Mode at his best right here.


  1. Dwayne Wade Sends OJ Mayo Into His Own Teammate

Not the first time an OJ has been around a crime scene.


  1. JR Smith Crosses Tristan Thompson

No doubt JR was double fisting bottles of Henny in the club shortly after this game.


  1. Nate Robinson Makes Reggie Jackson Do The Splits

Miss seein Nate in the league more and more every day.


  1. Trent Richardson Jukes The Whole State Of Mississippi

I’m sure we’ll be seeing Trent juking NFL defenders like this in no time!


  1. Lamar Jackson Disrespect Level Was 100% In High School

Remember seeing this all over Twitter before Lamar Jackson even became a Heisman Trophy winning quarterback. Crazy.


  1. Lance Stephenson Puts Tony Parker Through The Spin Cycle

This about sums up Stephenson’s remarkable 2012 campaign. Can only wish to see him fucking with Lebron in a big time game again.


And #1 goes to:

Iverson’s infamous double crossover was a no brainer here. Probably the most memorable ankle breaker in NBA history.


Honorable Mention: Cody Paul

Probably the first example of an internet sensation I can remember coming across. The kid was an absolute tank back in the day, juking anybody that dared to try to tackle him. Unfortunately for him and the rest of the world, he never really grew past his height in these highlights, topping off at a mere 5’5, so we never got to see him really do any real damage on a big stage. (Ended up playing Division II football at Chadron State believe it or not.)


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