This week’s #ThoughtTrainThursday is complete with broken ankles (both in the blogosphere and on the basketball court), rogue farts on the diamond, and an increasingly tense neighboring state rivalry. Let’s get after it.

Lead With Creed 

Memorial Day weekend is nearly upon us. A third of my office is taking the day off tomorrow. The Creeds of the working class will pull this stunt shortly after lunch. Don’t be an Angela.

The Snub of All Snubs

Earlier this week, LMBF dropped an all-time ankle-breaker list to honor our fallen blogger-in-arms Brendan Jones. Please take the time to wish him a speedy recovery from ankle surgery by clicking the link. Now, I am not normally one to kick a man while he is down, but he may have been strung out on pain pills at the time of writing. To my surprise, he forgot the man nicknamed after his patented ankle-breaking move, J Crossover.

Is this one of the 10 best crossovers of all time? I’ll let you decide. Pulling such a heartless move on an elite defender who calls himself World Peace is just plain nasty. There are pages of videos of Jamal Crawford making world-class and amateur basketball players alike look just silly. If you watch just one of those highlights you’re guaranteed to find multiple dribble combos deserving of recognition.

Save it for the Basepaths 

In a not nearly as viral and much easier to discern alternative from the white/gold vs. blue/black dress debate, this question appears to have a definitive answer. Normally, baseball is probably the best sport to ‘step on a duck’. It’s played outside, you’re never too close to anyone else out on the field, and the chances of anyone noticing are virtually nonexistent. Unfortunately for Adam Lind, Murphy’s Law was working against him in this instance.

Aside from being in the dugout or bullpen, the batter’s box is as close as players (and umpire) get to each other. The fact that Lind had slid earlier in the game – evidenced by the cloud of dirt that emanated from his rear – did little to keep this gas under wraps either. The timing was also a factor. If he had held off just another second or so for the broadcast to pan to a close-up of him, the fans, etc. this beautiful moment may not have been captured. Nature calls, and sometimes you just have to let er rip.

I just wish that this toot could’ve been the deciding propulsion on a bang-bang play at first that got challenged. I would have loved to hear weathered baseball broadcasters describe the cheese-cutting in great detail as thousands of fans giggle at the slow-motion replay.

Little Room To Talk 

Wondering how to get me mad online? See below.

There is just so much wrong with this tweet. The poor kid is obviously screaming for attention, but I just cannot hold my tongue when someone from Nebraska who chose to spend his college years in South Dakota calls out my home state. Iowa sure is not the most exciting place around, and the food we eat may be unconventional, but to call it the worst state in this great union is pure blasphemy. That’s a title that belongs to Florida, with West Virginia trailing shortly behind.

I understand where he’s coming from, as Iowans are raised to hate the Huskers and Nebraskans return the favor. Ever since Nebraska joined the B1G, the neighboring state rivalry has become much less friendly, at least on social media. That’s what happens when Iowa’s two flagship public universities unite against a common enemy. I guess the Hawkeye state will just have to settle for being the nation’s leader in corn, soybean, pork, and egg production. If fueling the world’s most powerful country qualifies a state for ridicule, I’d hate to see what electing a football coach to Congress would bring.