Day: June 4, 2017

White Sox 2017 MLB Draft Preview

Draft Overview: The White Sox head into the 2017 MLB Draft with the #11 overall pick in the first round. I will be focusing this entire blog on said selection, as their next pick isn’t until the 40’s, and at that point predicting the draft is a worthless exercise, so so much can happen between picks 11-50. Looking at the draft, the strength seems to be college pitching and outfielders, which is good for the White Sox, as they covet college arms and definitely could stand to bring some talent into their system in the form of talented outfields...

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Cleveland Cavaliers to wear black jerseys; LeBron in 7 is BACK

Yes, the absolute DRUMMING in game 1 wasn’t a great look for us LeBron In7  folks. Nick Surges had all the laughs, my LeBron in 7 blog looked dumb, and I was on the market for a #SAFTB shirt (If you didn’t know, Surges and I have a bet on the finals; If the Warriors win I will be forced to buy and wear a #SAFTB shirt this summer). BUT HOLD THE PHONE…. Cleveland Cavaliers to wear famed black, sleeved jerseys from ’16 finals Nothing like a quick jersey change to get the mojo back. This and the supposed increase in...

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