Day: August 3, 2017

Kirk Cousins Mic’d Up Is Kirk Cousins At His Finest

Nothing better than a mic’d up Kirk Cousins. First he gave us the main course: the infamous “You Like That” and now a full slate of side dishes with this video: – Creed was good "in like 7th grade."– Formula for high-quality H2O– Dickinson was a great poet. Kirk Wired Up: — Washington Redskins (@Redskins) August 2, 2017 Kirk knows two things: slinging the pigskin and slapping dudes on the ass. And apparently Creed, so I guess three things. With stability at the quarterback position being arguably the highest priority among NFL teams today, why the Redskins...

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Butler Basketball Preview Part 2 – Starting Lineup

Butler basketball’s 2016-17 starting lineup consisted of Tyler Wideman as the center, Andrew Chrabascz at power forward, Kelan Martin at small forward (for most of the year), and the guards were a combination of Kethan Savage, Kamar Baldwin, Avery Woodson, and Tyler Lewis. The Dawgs were solid last year. They finished 23-8, good for second in the big east. They were ranked in the top 25 the entire season, upset perennial powerhouse Villanova TWICE, and made a strong run in the NCAA tourney before being ousted by eventual champion, North Carolina. Several Butler players were also awarded individual accolades...

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Dayton Hoops Player Goes Bananas At Bar, Later Swings Fists And Pisses All Over Jail Cell

Saying that Dayton basketball player Sam Miller had himself a night on Sunday would be perhaps the biggest understatement in the history of, well history itself. Miller, a 6’9, 240 pound junior from Arlington, Virginia, started his infamous night off by smashing every glass off the bar at Caddy’s Tap House in Dayton, Ohio after the bartender refused to serve him any more drinks. He immediately followed up the charade by assaulting said bartender, resulting in the police being called to then drag Miller out of the bar and into a squad car to jail. The bartender said he...

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Christian McCaffrey Dusts Luke Kuechly In 1-On-1 Drill

I have a feeling McCaffrey is going to be pretty, pretty, pretty good in the NFL, given both his utter domination in college and now this clip from Panthers training camp yesterday: A cleaner version of what Christian McCaffrey did to Luke Kuechly earlier — Bill Voth (@PanthersBill) August 2, 2017 Shannon Sharpe is probably shaking in his boots right now. Share this:PrintTweetEmailLike this:Like...

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Remember The Kid From The Bruins Shootout Challenge? He’s A Top Prospect Now

If you don’t know/don’t remember what I’m walking about, here it is: This is a 9-year-old Oliver Wahlstrom at a Bruins intermission shootout contest. He's now a top 2018 NHL Draft prospect 😱👌 — Gino Hard (@Ginohard_) August 2, 2017 I can remember this highlight being shown on ESPN years ago, 2009 to be exact, and thinking that theres no way this kid won’t go pro. A god damn 9 year old just does The Michigan in front of thousands of people during the intermission of a Bruins game and throws one past a clueless goalie. Speaking of...

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Chicago Bears Reminding Kevin White That He Was Once Good At The Sport Of Football

The Chicago Bears are trying to salvage their 7th overall pick from 2015 the best they can, recently pulling aside wide receiver Kevin White after Monday’s practice to show him his college highlights. Wide Receiver coach Zach Azzanni has been trying to get White to “block out the noise” and focus on the positives of his game, which confuses me because White has been all but forgotten by the Bears faithful so I don’t know what possible noise Azzanni could be talking about. To be fair, White was VERY GOOD at WVU, as you can see below. Hopefully White...

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