Day: August 11, 2017

Derek Jeter is the New Owner of the Miami Marlins

Jeter just keeps on winning huh? Home run for his 3000th hit, walk-off in his last game ever, 14-time All-Star, 5-time World Series Champ, you get the message, he had the sports side covered. You’ve even seen the ESPN graphic of all the dimes he’s had in his day, a smokeshow all-star team if you will. Then he locked up the MVP of said team in Hannah Davis, knocks her up and he’s just rolling onto being a freaking baseball mogul now. Not to mentioned the Hall of Fame will be calling in a few years. With the announcement...

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Busy Day In NFL: Sammy Watkins Traded To Rams, Jordan Matthews To Bills, Elliot Hit With 6-Game Suspension

The NFL was busy on Friday, with several moves and headlines being made a day after the first full slate of preseason games were played. To start things off, last years top rusher Ezekiel Elliot was suspended on six games after long suspicion of committing domestic violence. Many in the NFL community (mostly Cowboys fans and associates admittedly) are criticizing the suspension as another sin committed by Roger Goodell since Elliot has not been charged or convicted of any crime. Next, the Bills made its first of two moves, trading star wide receiver Sammy Watkins along with a 2018...

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Zach Randolph Charged With Felony After Being Found With 2 Pounds Of Weed

Newly-made Sacramento King Zach Randolph was arrested in Los Angeles and charged with felony marijuana possession with intent to sell after being found with 2 pounds of weed responding to a disturbance Wednesday night in which 6 police vehicles were damaged. Randolph’s camp came out and said that the charges were “misleading” and that they are doing everything in their power to dispel the charges. Reports are that Randolph and a group of people were blocking off an entire street drinking and smoking and then started throwing bottles at cop cars when they responded to the scene. Multiple guns...

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Let’s Pump The Brakes on Mitch(ell) Trubisky

The ever important first preseason game has come and gone and the Chicago Bears are 0-1 and did not look good doing it. The first team offense was inept, throwing a pick 6 and snapping the ball over 6-foot-7 Mike Glennon's head for two first half turnovers. The defense picked up what seemed like 1,000 penalties on the opening drive (it was really 6), but showed some signs of life, specifically Leonard Floyd. In the 2nd half, Mitch(ell) was given his chance to shine and by every measurable he played well. He finished up the game 18-25 for 166...

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Robert Horry Throws Hands At Kids Basketball Tourney

7-time NBA Champion Robert Horry was seen throwing hands at a heckler outside of a kids basketball tournament in Los Angeles this past Saturday. Telling TMZ, Horry explains that the receiving end of his punches was “talking trash” the entire time while at the Nike 3on3 tournament in LA, and when said heckler shoved him outside of the venue, Horry responded with fisticuffs. He justified the punches by saying “Where I’m from, you protect yourself.”   Sorry is just one of those Hall of Fame NBA guys. He didn’t have Hall of Fame-type skill by ANY means, but the man...

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