The ever important first preseason game has come and gone and the Chicago Bears are 0-1 and did not look good doing it. The first team offense was inept, throwing a pick 6 and snapping the ball over 6-foot-7 Mike Glennon's head for two first half turnovers. The defense picked up what seemed like 1,000 penalties on the opening drive (it was really 6), but showed some signs of life, specifically Leonard Floyd. In the 2nd half, Mitch(ell) was given his chance to shine and by every measurable he played well. He finished up the game 18-25 for 166 yards and 1 TD. Pretty good stat line, especially when you compare it to Mark Sanchez's 1-4 for 4 yards and Glennon's 2-8 for 20 yards and 1 INT. The biggest takeaway from this game should be that Trubisky isn't ready for 1st team reps, yet.

Coming out of Bourbonnais this week, we heard one of Trubisky's biggest deficiencies is that he struggles reading coverage, not ideal when that's half your job. On Thursday night, he looked capable and made the right reads, granted he faced strictly man coverage. He showed his accuracy off as he started the game perfect passing until a drop in the end-zone late in the 3rd quarter. Yes, he did lead the Bears on their only scoring drives of the game, but it was against a group of 3rd stringers who probably won't be on the team at the end of the preseason slate.

Glennon is a proven commodity, and while he did not play near the level he is capable of, it is only the preseason. These games don't count. Mike and the offense will be better suited come Week 1 against Atlanta than preseason Week 1 against Denver. Just because I back Glennon, doesn't mean I think Mitch(ell) shouldn't see the field this year. If he is handed the starting job before Week 10 it will be a mistake by the Bears. If the Bears are as bad as we all expect them to be, then he will certainly have some time to get on the field and grow. People forget, that was just Trubisky's 14th career game at quarterback at the College and Professional level combined.

OTHER NOTES: Tarik Cohen looks like an absolute play-maker. Again, I am not going to get too excited because it was in a meaningless game, but he is fast, has solid field vision, and is tough to take down. There are times where it looks like he just gets lost among the big bodies at the line of scrimmage.

For the first time since Devin Hester, it looks like the Bears will have a capable return game. Deonte Thompson took a step forward down the stretch last season and averaged over 20 yards per return, crucial if the Bears want to be competitive in games. He looked good again last night, the biggest thing though is that he looked comfortable fielding the ball and making decisions behind blockers. It was best on display on his return back to midfield in the first half. There is also the aforementioned Tarik Cohen who can dabble in the return game.

Last bit is that for anyone who says the preseason matters. The team with Jay Cutler on the roster is 1-0, the Bears are 0-1. Jay is a leader on and off the field.