Newly-made Sacramento King Zach Randolph was arrested in Los Angeles and charged with felony marijuana possession with intent to sell after being found with 2 pounds of weed responding to a disturbance Wednesday night in which 6 police vehicles were damaged. Randolph’s camp came out and said that the charges were “misleading” and that they are doing everything in their power to dispel the charges.

Reports are that Randolph and a group of people were blocking off an entire street drinking and smoking and then started throwing bottles at cop cars when they responded to the scene. Multiple guns and other narcotics were recovered from the scene as well. With all of this, Randolph being arrested on such charges is ridiculous. Weed is as much a part of Z-Bo as basketball, and even pondering that he would sell any amount of weed and not smoke it down himself is just preposterous. Even though he was charged with a felony, I’m sure Randolph isn’t going to find himself in any real legal or NBA trouble for that matter because of the incident.