UPDATED: Little League World Series Day 5 Recap3 min read

UPDATED: Little League World Series Day 5 Recap<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">3</span> min read</span>

Editor’s Note: Give additional information, we wish to sincerely apologize to Team Mexico. We wrongfully alleged that a member of their team may have used a bat that was deemed illegal by Little League Baseball. The bat was not, in fact, an illegal model. 

Michigan 11-Italy 7

Consolation Game gonna Consolation Game. Turns out Michigan was really bad too, I definitely gave them too much credit in my predictions before the tournament. Goodbye to both these teams.

Mexico 1-South Korea 0

Pretty stunning to see Mexico and South Korea battling to stay alive in this Tournament on Monday afternoon but that’s where were at with the stunning run from team Canada. Anyways, South Korea is gone a mere 5 days into the tournament after going 1-2 despite representing the World last year in the LLWS. Pretty shocking. Mexico got the win behind outstanding pitching performances.

New Jersey 12-California 9

I tried to warn you. I really tried. It’s right here in the 2017 Little League World Series Preview. This New Jersey team can flat out RAKE. Just an incredible collection of hitting ability that reminds me so much of that Lewisberry, PA team from 2015 that won the U.S Title. R.J Vashey did most of the heavy lifting today going yard twice and Charlie Meglio added another bomb in an overall onslaught from the New Jersey offense in the 2nd and 3rd innings. I was pretty down on this California team from the beginning predicting them to go only 2-2 in this tournament, but even I was shocked at just how bad this team was. Drew Rutter was good but not great, their defense stunk, and they had no real great arms (Bobby Gray’s stats looked great but that Washington team can’t hit). After a dominant stretch from 2011-2013 when the won the US title every year (They obviously need to bring back the iconic Green and Yellow West jersey) It has now been 4 years since Southern California has even advanced to the US Final, with Nevada winning the West in 2014, Sweetwater Valley losing to Texas in 2015, the Chula Vista disaster in 2016 and this underwhelming 1-2 from Santa Margarita Before I say my final words on California though I do want to mention despite getting absolutely shelled you gotta give credit to California’s pitcher Joey Gray, who had to sit through all 85 pitches of that absolute bloodbath and never once pouted or got mad at his fielders or slumped his shoulders. He just sucked it up and kept firing strikes, so good for him, he should walk out feeling like a winner. New Jersey had to blow through 20 pitches for both Drew Ward and Chris Cartnick so they will be short on pitchers for Tuesday’s elimination game vs. Connecticut. Expect to see Tai Mann starting and maybe Dean Dadio in relief.

So Cal needs these jerseys back

Venezuela 3-Domincan Republic 2

Despite having only 1 hit the D.R entered the 6th inning clinging to a 2-1 lead on the back of 2 wild pitchers from Venezuela. Sadly, the smallest team in the tournament couldn’t hold on, surrendering a walk off 2 run double. The story of the game was the sportsmanship display after the game though, too which I will just provide a link, as I’m sure you’ve already seen something on it

Venezuelan coaches, star delay celebration to comfort losing pitcher at LLWS

Connecticut 14-Washington 6

And in the nightcap Connecticut used an absolute onslaught in the 4th and 5th innings to top Washington 14-6. So Tuesday night we will get Ethan Righter vs. New Jersey round 2. Connecticut was led by a terrific 1-2-3 of Righter, Michael Ianazzo (who went way out in the 5th) and Matthew Vivona, while also getting a clutch 3 run shot from sub Christian Smith and 5 strong innings from Tyler Bauer. Washington got a homer from star Caiden Thomsen but was totally outclassed by the Fairfield team.

Day 6 Predictions

Australia 6-South Dakota 5

Mexico 3-Venezuela 1

New Jersey 9-Connecticut 5

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