This season I plan on writing a weekly blog offering an optimal NFL Draftkings Lineup for the week. A couple stipulations before we begin so everyone understands the premise here.

  1. It’s a tournament lineup. If you don’t know the difference between a tournament and a cash game essentially tournaments are the huge contests with big prizes and tons of entrants. You want variance and stacks.
  2. I am only going to give one lineup. The real path to success in these tournaments is entering multiple lineups and diversifying your risk. Offering up like 7 lineups a week would make for a boring post however. I am just going to highlight 1 lineup I really like and why.

Week 1 DraftKings Lineup

QB- Marcus Mariota (6,800)

At QB I’m going to go with the duel-threat capabilities of Marcus Mariota, who goes up against the Oakland Raiders who will be traveling East for a 1ET game. Mariota is surrounded by new weapons Corey Davis and Eric Decker, along with returning favorites Delanie Walker, Richard Matthews and Demarco Murray. This Raiders defense has invested draft capital in shoring up their secondary over the last two years (Karl Joseph in 2016, Gaeron Conley in 2017), but expect Mariota to expose their youth in a week 1 road battle. I’m imaging 300 yards and 2 scores from Marcus here in week 1, along with some extra icing on the cake in the form of scramble yardage.

RB- Le’Veon Bell (9,800)

The big money play here in week 1, Le’Veon Bell is the most expensive player on the board despite sitting the entire pre-season. No worries at all. Bell destroys the Cleveland Browns and will be rested and ready to take advantage of a pour Browns defense. I’m expecting 150 Total Yards and 2 scores for our workhorse, making him worth the mammoth price tag. Plus, I think ownership may be a bit down as the element of the unknown will scare people off after not seeing him all pre-season.

RB- Tevin Coleman (5,400)

The Bears defense is still awful, and Coleman is still dangerous. These things have not changed. I expect a nice game form Devonta Freeman for sure, but for 1,600 cheaper, I’ll go with the pass-catching back, Tevin Coleman. My only concern here is the Falcons get up big and learn from their Super Bowl mishap and just slowly run the clock out, using more Freeman than Coleman. Still with the price difference, I can’t help but love Coleman here.

WR- Julio Jones (8,500)

The Bears secondary is awful, so they go into this week 1 game hoping Prince Amakumara can slow down Julio Jones. Good luck with that. I like Jones more than Antonio Brown, who should be heavily owned at 8,800 (the public is going to love the loss of Joe Haden), so I am ecstatic to be able to “fade” Brown and nab Jones at 8,500. Expect 100 yards and 1 score at minimum from Jones. That Matt Ryan-Julio Jones connection ain’t going nowhere.

WR-Kendall Wright (3,200)

With Julio Jones AND Le’Veon Bell in the lineup, we are going to take some risks in this lineup. Kendall Wright is the first such risk. Wright is the Bears #2 receiver, and has actually shown signs of NFL success unlike the #1 Kevin White. Expect Mike Glennon to lean on Wright a bit in Week 1, especially with the heavy likelihood the Falcons will be up big and giving up the underneath routs. I like Wright to go for a sneaky 7 receptions and 80 yards or so, making him well worth 3,200.

WR- Eric Decker (5,000)

TE- Delanie Walker (4,300)

Here is my Mariota stack. The Raiders have the outside corners in Sean Smith, David Amerson and Gaeron Conley to at least put up a fight against Rishard Matthews and Corey Davis. On the inside however? Not as good. Karl Joseph and Reggie Nelson aren’t known for their cover skills, they are both big hitters. And the weak linebacker cores strengths are pass rushing, as guys like Bruce Irvin aren’t known for shutting down TE’s. So I am jumping on the Titans 2 guys who should be running inside a lot, Delanie Walker and Slot WR Eric Decker.

Flex- Duke Johnson Jr. (4,600)

Everyone likes the Steelers to absolutely roll the Browns, and rookie QB Deshone Kizer is gonna be looking for someone to dump the ball off too in the 2nd half. Enter Duke Johnson, who has the speed to take a dump off for a big gain. Get ready for a sneaky 30 yards rushing, 6 receptions and 60 receiving yards.

D/ST- Jets (2,400)

I typically will go cheap on defense. The Jets still have Leonard Williams and Muhammed Wilkerson on the D-Line along with Jamaal Adams in the secondary, and the Bills are starting Nathan Peterman. For 2,400 they don’t have to do much.