So LaVar has decided to pull LaMelo from high school. ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne spoke with LaVar yesterday when this news first broke, and here’s what LaVar had to say.

Entrepreneur, visionary, fisher of men, patriarch, big baller, and now educator. If you don’t love this move then you truly don’t understand what parenting is all about. Do we think Algebra 2 and Victorian history are the catalysts for LaMelo’s future? Do we think that the Chino Hills curriculum is best suited for a guy like Melo? Absolutely not. The phrase “all hands on deck” doesn’t apply for the Ball family, just make sure LaVar’s on deck and pull the anchor. Now, LaVar has shown us since he arrived on the scene that he’s always five steps ahead of everyone else. The guy knew Lonzo would be a Laker before they did the damn lottery. The people that don’t like LaVar are simply envious of how accurate he’s been all along. So, I know he’s thought about this move long and hard.

My biggest question is this: How is LaMelo going to get recruited to play college basketball if he doesn’t play high school basketball? Unless Steve Alford has seen everything he needs to see, I feel like LaMelo should probably still play competitive basketball, right? Also, LaVar is giving LaMelo a 4.0. There is no scenario where LaMelo is not a 4.0 guy at Big Scholar Brand Academy. That is MASSIVE for recruiting. Melo’s stock will soar with magna cum laude all over his college applications.

I cannot WAIT until we have live footage of LaVar teaching Melo how to solve for X, or LaVar teaching Melo a foreign language using Rosetta Stone. Like I said, this is EXACTLY what Melo needs. Throw away some basic skills in the academia world and just get ready to drop 30 a game for the Bruins. I wish my Dad took me out of high school so I had ample time to work on my jump shot. Another step in the right direction for BBB, the only sneaker company and educational institution you can trust.

Kings do King things. Long live

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