Day: November 7, 2017

LiAngelo Ball Arrested For Shoplifting In China

The red-headed step child of the famous Ball family that is LiAngelo Ball was arrested along with two other UCLA basketball players in China earlier today for shoplifting. Several players from Georgia Tech, who UCLA is slated to play tomorrow in China, were investigated and not arrested for the same charge. LiAngelo is the middle child of world-renowned psychopath and creator of Big Baller Brand Lavar Ball, who is playing in his first season with the UCLA basketball team this year. The Ball’s are a wild, wild bunch. First of all, I can’t imagine wtf someone in LiAngelo’s position...

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Roy Halladay Dead At 40 After Crashing Plane Into Gulf of Mexico

Roy Halladay, former MLB pitcher and 2-time Cy Young Award-winner, died earlier today after his plane crashed into the Gulf of Mexico. Halladay is a sure Hall of Famer, if not a first ballot HOF-er when he is made eligible next year, after winning two Cy Young Awards and making eight All Star games with the Toronto Blue Jays and Philadelphia Phillies. He was 40 years old. Sad, sad shit. Halladay was a staple of the MLB during his 15 year career. One of the most solid and consistent studs on the mound in the history of the Show....

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It’s All Here : Playoff Picture & Coaching Hot Seat Update

Alright, folks. November is starting to pick up steam, we’re closing in on the Holiday’s, Michael Bublé is starting to wake up from hibernation, and the smell of the College Football Playoff is officially in the air. I don’t want to give you this long, elongated monologue before we get in to the weeds, because there’s way too much we have to cover. There’s just one thing we’ve got to note right off the bat. This is by far and away the hardest job the committee has had in the playoff era. I’ve long said that the 4 team playoff...

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Baltimore Ravens Bye Week Report

With 9 weeks in the books, we have seen enough data and enough of an eye-test to know who the best teams are in the NFL. The Ravens, as this point, are not even close to being one of them. By loading up on defense in the offseason with almost exclusively drafting defensive players, giving Brandon Williams $50+ million, and Tony Jefferson $30+ million there was an immense amount of hype about being dominant on that side of the ball. While they haven’t been dominant, they have played well enough to win games week in and week out. This...

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Illinois College of Law Softball Commissioner Awards

Last Saturday concluded this Fall softball season with The Attractive Nuisances taking home the Championship. With a 17-11 victory over rivals Torts Illustrated, the hard-hitting 2Ls redeem their 30-1 loss just a calendar year ago. The following are the commissioner awards for the 2017 Fall season   Surprise Team of the Year: Still 1L of a Team I personally was not expecting much from this team but I was proven wrong twice. In both games with the eventual champions, they lost by single digits solidifying their spot as a top 5 team in the league. Captain of the Year: Dave...

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