Notre Dame might be allergic to South Beach, because the Fighting Irish got their ass kicked once again in Miami after getting trounced 41-8 in a highly-anticipated Catholics vs Convicts matchup against the Miami Hurricanes. Notre Dame lost in similar fashion to Alabama in the National Championship game in 2013, losing 42-14 to the Crimson Tide in Miami as well. The Hurricanes have since moved up to the #2 team in the country in the AP poll after beating the previously ranked #3 Fighting Irish.

Absolutely dominating performance by the Canes, absolutely pitiful performance by Notre Dame. Miami played liked they deserved to be in the CFB playoff, while the Irish were playing the complete opposite way a #3 team is supposed to. Miami dominated on both sides of the ball and were able to show off the famous chain on multiple occasions:

I hope Miami can win out and actually get to the Playoff, Playoff Turnover Chain would be some of the most electric stuff to ever hit the CFBP.