Brett Hundley is the Chicago Bears’ Daddy1 min read

Brett Hundley is the Chicago Bears’ Daddy<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">1</span> min read</span>

What a year, another 2-0 year for the Pack. We may have had a 3 game losing streak, we may have a quarterback who can’t lead a team, we may have played with a bunch of replacement players but the world continues to spin the same. The Packers are on top again. Brett Hundley is the Chicago Bears Daddy!

Incompetence and all he lead our deadass Packers to another important 2-0 season. I mean I throughly hope we go back to losing games now that we got our wins over the Bears, gotta get those draft picks baby. Love that Hundley was Rodgers-esque down the stretch, but damn he is not our future.

We need to use this season as a rebuilding tool, get Ted Thompson up the ladder as a fake assistant to the regional manager, Fire our defensive staff and we are rolling. Lol @ John Fox because he’s the only thing worse than our defensive staff. At least I can feel better about our team when we are only the 3rd worst run team in the division.

Regardless, we have our problems, I expect it to go downhill from here again and honestly don’t mind so we get top picks.

2-0 vs the Bears this season.
17-4 vs the Bears since 2008
8 straight wins in Chicago
It’s so good to be us!


PS that challenge was so sad.


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