Ben Simmons is All The Evidence You Need – The One and Done Rule is Worthless2 min read

Ben Simmons is All The Evidence You Need – The One and Done Rule is Worthless<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">2</span> min read</span>

ICYMI last night; the 76ers beat the Clippers last night 109-105, behind an MVP type effort from Joel Embiid, a huge game from Robert Convington and another superstar performance from Rookie of the Year frontrunner, Ben Simmons.

After last night’s 22, 12 and 4 Simmons is now running season averages off 17.8, 7.5, and 9.2.

Basically, Simmons is already an All-Star in what is just year 1 off his NBA Career. Oh, and he can’t even shoot yet. Hell, he probably shoots with the wrong hand. I mean he is a PG in the NBA and still has yet to attempt a 3.

Which brings me to my main point…

Ben Simmons had no reason to be at LSU

Ben Simmons, he of the 17.8, 7.5 and 9.2, went to LSU because of a recruiting connection. No other reason. He did not have any desire to be there, besides a stupid NBA rule requiring him to wait year after HS Graduation. And despite having Ben Simmons, his team didn’t even make it to the damn NCAA Tournament, coming out of the SEC. Why? Because Ben Simmons HAD ZERO interest in being at LSU. Like take the Cavaliers regular season defensive effort times 100 type lazy. He was a transcendent passer playing with bums like Antonio Blankley, Craig Victor and Tim Quarterman, coached by Jonny Jones. When he wanted to, he dominated

But most of the time he didn’t want to, and so we got the Takes. We got all the freaking Takes.

Skip Bayless evidently scouts NBA players purely off their college teams success I guess. And he gave us a nice eye test monologue. Fucking terrific.

And when Stephen A. came to the mic?

He has yet to attempt a 3 in the NBA and is still flat dominating, thanks Stephen A….

In summation, I was right

and the NBA needs to abolish the 1 and done rule tomorrow. Your wasting Marvin Bagely’s time, and your soon to be wasting LaMelo Ball’s time #BBB


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