The 2018 World Cup is one with no Dutch, no Chileans, no Americans, and now no Italians. In one of the most upside down World Cup cycles ever shock strikes again. Italy is four time World Cup Champions and has played in every single World Cup since 1958. To not be able to qualify for the World Cup brings on a sense of sadness and panic.

Of course this is a huge blow to Italy. Saying Italy will qualify for the World Cup is like saying the sun will rise in the East. The fact that this could have been avoided is neither here nor there, at this point it doesn’t change the fact that Italy is still out. The Italians were too old and relied too heavily upon the more senior team members. With a wave of retirements Italy will start fresh and be back stronger.

For most soccer fans this might be the World Cup to skip. On that note 2022 is just around the corner.