Author: Drew Schroeder

When the Hawks Scored 5 Goals in the Third

I was at the game on Sunday where the Chicago Blackhawks played the Colorado Avalanche, and after being down 3-1 going into the third and playing like shit, the Hawks rallied and demolished the Avs, scoring 5 goals in the final period of the game. Watching that game, the first period seemed to be going okay. Patrick Kane had scored the first goal of the game and the Hawks were on the board. Unfortunately, the Avs scored two that period and we went to intermission trailing. After Kane had scored, he didn’t seem like he had any handle on...

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The Return of GSP

Since he left the UFC three years ago, fans have wondered whether or not Georges St. Pierre would ever return to the octagon. The former Welterweight champion, also considered to be one of the best fighters to ever step into the octagon, announced that he and Dana White had come to an agreement and that he would return. Against whom, we don’t know. Some big names have been thrown out in terms of who GSP’s return fight would be against. Michael Bisping and Conor McGregor to name a few. However, I don’t see a first fight against Bisping for...

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Hawks Break Losing Streak, Lacking In Third Period

The Hawk broke the losing streak and managed to play a full three periods. They almost lost it, however, allowing the Coyotes to score and bring it within one, but the good guys came out on top and won the battle 4-3. Starting with a goal by Patrick Kane to open the scoring, Chicago’s leaders got to work with Keith, Hossa, and the Bread Man all scoring goals in the game and showing fans that the team still has some offense. After the last few games, with how absent they’ve been, the offense picked up last night in Glendale,...

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Hawks Drop 3 Straight; Absent in Third Period

The Hawks take on the Coyotes tonight in Glendale. Chicago has been on a three-game losing streak, practically non-existent in the third period. Their defense shuts down and their offense grabs some pine like the other spectators in the arena. They’ve given up 13 points in 3 games and have only scored 6. The defense has to show up and the offense has to continue through all periods. Plain and simple. If the Hawks keep giving up goals like they are and playing tired third-period hockey like they have been, they are going to have a very rough road...

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Blackhawks: Third Period and Momentum Shifts

Yes, I’ve been away for a little bit. I’m not sure if I have much of a following due to my primarily game recap articles, but I guess this article will be the test of that. I’ve been busy with other jobs that have been pulling me in multiple directions so, if you were holding your breath waiting for my next article, sorry. You’re probably dead. Oops. This time, I’m going to try for something different. I’m not doing strictly a game recap. I’m not sure what you’d call it, but it’ll feature some stats, some observations, and some...

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Nunes Beats Rousey, What Does This Mean For Rousey?

Amanda Nunes destroyed Ronda Rousey at UFC 207, making it the second loss for Rousey and the first title defense for Nunes. After Rousey’s title loss to Holly Holm in 2015, many were waiting for the former champion to bounce back and reclaim her title. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen for Rousey. Nunes, known for her striking, dominated Rousey and prevented her from getting into a clinch which is almost always Rousey’s plan of attack. Being a Olympic bronze medalist in Judo, Rousey’s arsenal of various throws and submissions is deadly, winning most of her fights by submission due to...

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Hawks and Preds: Passing Clinic and Crow’s Heads Up Plays

The Chicago Blackhawks took on the Nashville Predators tonight and it was not a disappointing game. Crawford is back in net again and was making phenomenal saves that normally would’ve eaten him up. However, Crawford came up strong allowing only two tough goals and walking away with a win. The Hawks defense had a few mix ups tonight, missing line changes and missing a few chances to clear the puck which could have cost the Hawks but luckily, didn’t. On the offensive side, Chicago put on a puck passing clinic, the whole team included but particularly Kane and Panarin....

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Return of the Crow and Panarin’s Magic Stick

After five straight wins, the Hawks ended their win streak the other night against Ottawa, losing 4-3. However, Chicago’s offense in the last four games has been firing on all cylinders, scoring 18 goals. Since Crawford has been out, Darling has proven he can be Chicago’s starting goaltender. The Hawks are 22-9-4 and are on a hot streak in scoring, and given how many rookies they have on the team, it’s something that not only makes fans hopeful for the rest of the season, but for future seasons as well. As I’ve been watching, it seems like Artemi Panarin...

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Blackhawks Split in OT; The Dynamic Duo: Kane & Panarin

In their last two games, the Blackhawks have taken both to OT, each with different results. The first, a loss for Chicago, was ended by a goal by the Kings’ Jeff Carter a minute into OT. The game was a lot of back and forth, seeing as it was only a two-goal game in three periods. Patrick Kane scored the first goal of the game in the first period, followed by the Kings’ Alec Martinez in the second period to tie the game up. Both teams looked solid, but in the end Los Angeles would come out the victor....

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Blackhawks down 3-0; Clutch Third Period, OT

The Blackhawks defense almost cost them the game last night against Vancouver, allowing a breakaway goal and another bumbling play that enabled a one-timer by Vancouver. In the opening period, Hawks goaltender Scott Darling gave up the first goal of the night off of a tough rebound, and I can live with that one occasionally. However, the defense cannot allow the other team to get behind them twice, resulting in two goals like the Hawks’ defense did last night. Brian Campbell let the puck get taken away in the neutral zone, leading to a Horvat breakaway goal, putting the...

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