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The Condor Returns! Chicago Bears Observations

Hello Let Me B-Frank nation! Jack “the Condor” Conlon is back to let you know the best insights for your Chicago Bears. For those that do not know me, I covered Da Bears last year. I am a loud, 5’7 red-faced Miller Lite drinking Irishman that currently resides in beautiful Scranton, PA selling the best beer on the planet. My passions in life are God, family, Miller Lite, and the Chicago Bears. Enough about me, let ME tell you what you need to know about the 2017 season. Da Draft: April 27. A hot spring day around the nation. Desperate...

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Chicago Bears BYE-BYE-BYE Week

Uh Playoffs?!?! The revamped Chicago Bears dominated the Vikings on Monday Night Football on Halloween night. Amazing how when zero experts pick the Bears to win they usually blow the other team out. That Monday night game was so exciting and many Chicagoans are left wanting to watch a good Chicago team play as the Cubs are now done playing for the season (Congrats to the Cubs by the way! Probably the best World Series Finals I have ever seen and I am not even that big of a baseball guy). Well, the Bears are now off as they...

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Vikings at Bears SPOOKY Prediction: Who ya gonna call? JAY CUTLER!

Trick or Treat: The struggling Bears host the 5-1 Minnesota Vikings for a Monday night Halloween special. Jay Cutler returns to the lineup to face a Vikings team coming off their first loss of the season. I am not sure why I am liking the Bears chances in this one, it will either be a TRICK- they will continue to suck and the Vikings have a bounce back game; or TREAT- we see a “good Jay” play tonight and Minnesota begins to catch the Loser bug. Here are the “Treats” for success for tonight’s games. More Targets to Jeffery....

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Rivalry Prediction: Bears at Packers

CHOKE PACK CHOKE… It’s rivalry week between two teams that could desperately use the W on Thursday. The Bears lost in another heart-breaker to a very beatable team, while the Packer’s pretty boy Aaron Rodgers looked like a peewee QB as they lost big to the Cowboys. The Bears won their last trip to Green Bay by winning on Thanksgiving night. This allowed for a very drunk, and 30 lbs heavier, Jack to record a video of me improperly shot-gunning a Miller Lite (I did not pop the top of the beer, and the zipper to my pants was...

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Chicago Bears Week 6 Prediction: HOYERMANIA

WHAT YOU GONNA DO BROTHER?!?! Another EXCITING Bears match-up as they take on the ever disappointing Jaguars. Both teams are already in desperation mode and are calling this a “must win” to even still consider this season worthy. The following are my thoughts/keys to the Bears if they want to consider this season not lost just yet. Decision on QB. Look I get it, Cutler has been the franchise guy. Josh McCown outplayed him a few seasons ago and Cutty got his job back when returning healthy. Now he is returning to a coaching staff that isn’t exactly head...

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Week 5 Chicago Bears Prediction- Better LUCK Next Year Indy!

Hang on Chicago, “We go for a ride”. Ahhh playing Indy means Indiana Jones quotes are acceptable right? The 1-3 Bears make the short road trip to Indianapolis to take on the 1-3 Colts. For some reason, many experts (including the entire ESPN staff) are picking the Colts as the winners of this match. Really? All of them? I think that is a little harsh considering how bad Indianapolis is this year thus far. Plus they lost week 1 against the Lions who the Bears just beat… I don’t know, maybe the Bears are not going to win, but...

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Chicago Bears Week 4 Reaction: "So You're Telling Me There's A Chance!"

Bear Down Chicago BEARS! The Chicago Bears finally get their first victory of the season. This win felt all too good as it was a win at home vs a division rival they haven’t beat since Lovie Smith was the coach. I must pat myself on the back as I called that this game was going to be a weird one; however, no one could have predicted a fan dressed as the famous gorilla Harambe running onto the field wearing an “All Lives Matter” shirt. Here are my takeaways from the Bears victory.   Jordan Howard is the future....

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Lions and Millers and Bears, Oh My! Chicago Bears Week 4 Prediction

Sunday, Bloody Sunday! The 0-3 Chicago Bears host the 1-2 Detroit Lions Sunday at noon, HOW EXCITING! A majority of Chicago Bears fans are already thinking about next year’s NFL draft. Many Chicagoans have turned their attention to the soon Cubs playoff run, but for us White Sox fans, we can only think of one good thing- an ice cold Miller Lite. Instead of writing a blog post about why the Bears are a joke and will lose this game, I am going to be positive and ignore what brain and the rest of the world have to say and...

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Chicago Bears Week 3 Reaction

How bout them Bears! Prepare for a long season Bears fans. The injured Bears limped into Dallas and were lucky to lose by only 14 points. Is this season already over? That is a reasonable assumption; however, it is still September and anything can happen in the “merry old land” of the NFL. Here are my takeaways from the Bears second primetime disaster. No Depth in the Defense. About half of the starters on the Bears defense were injured going into the game last night. This is the NFL, guys are going to get hurt and it is up...

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Week 3 Chicago Bears Prediction

On the road again!  The 0-2 Chicago Bears head to Dallas to take on the overrated Cowboys on Sunday Night Football. Who is ready for some prime time football?!? This is going to make for a fun ESPN First Take episode as Stephen A. Smith is going to rip apart the losing team. That losing team will most likely be the Bears, but here are 5 keys to winning Sunday night. Offensive Line: With Cutler sidelined with a thumb injury, the Bears put all their trust into backup veteran quarterback Brian Hoyer. The big bald turnover machine is going...

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