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We Got Ourselves A Tennis Feud!

It’s been far too long since we’ve had ourselves a good ol’ fashioned BEEF in the world of women’s tennis. It really doesn’t get much better than this. In the blue corner, we have Caroline Wozniacki, who’s biggest claim to fame is that she once dated the incomparable Rory McIlroy. In all seriousness, any guy after this curly haired, brooding (Northern) Irishman is a serious downgrade. And in the red corner, we have Maria Sharapova, arguably the biggest star in tennis, men’s or women’s. She has had the it factor since the second she set foot on the court,...

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Wake Up To Beach Season

Its officially after Memorial Day. Throw on some white rompers (or rompHIMs), strap on some boat shoes, and bathe in spf 140 sun block. Its SUMMER TIME!!! Nothing better than a great scene about kids having fun out on the open water. Enjoy! Share this:PrintTweetEmailLike this:Like...

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Wake Up To Vince Carter’s Best Dunks

Long live the king. Arguably the greatest dunker of all time, Vince Carter, deserves a little love now and again. He may not be playing in China like Stephon Marbury (Starbury > Jordans) but I’d like to think VC could still throw down like this.   Share this:PrintTweetEmailLike this:Like...

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Wake Up To The Greatest Sport Ever

Sweaty men, encased in iron and armed with swords. There is truly no better way to honor Odin, god of ships, then by relieving another gentleman of his arm. Wake and strike fear into your opponent, right? Share this:PrintTweetEmailLike this:Like...

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