German Street Festival OUTLAWS Sausage

Here's the story in German for all my news purists out there An absolute affront to all things German. I get that the festival is like some sort of hippie Earth Day commune thing but c'mon. An absolute travesty. What's next? No beer served there either? These lunatic hippies can take

Cedric Benson Is The Smartest Person Alive

Future 1st ballot Hall of Famer Cedric Benson got busted this weekend for drinking and driving and, no hyperbole, crafted the single best, flawless excuse to get out of it. According to the best Chicago RB ever (suck it, Sweetness), he was pulled over by the police for erratic driving.

6 Nations 2017 Kicks Off Tomorrow

Finally! The eve of the day we've been waiting all year for! What an awesome opportunity to day drink on a lovely, frigid Saturday. Below is the link for game start times and, of course, a a guide for the uninitiated. Have a few beers, post up in the corner of