Author: Jeff Agar

#FireAlarmGate Doesn’t Deserve to be a #Gate

A 25-year-old Boston man pulled the fire alarm at the Steelers hotel early this morning – and with it, pulled the lever on the annual outrage engine about a Patriots “controversy”. Why #FireAlarmGate is a perfect reason why most fans can't stand the Pats. #Steelers — BTSC Steelers (@btsteelcurtain) January 22, 2017 Look, as a Pats fan I’m realistic about the team’s mildly checkered history and resulting perception across the league: #SpyGate (fair enough), #FormationGate (legal), #HeadsetGate (false) #DeflateGate (blatantly false plus total disregard for science). Each of these, with a yuge assist from the dishonest media – sad! – has crafted an image of the Patriots...

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The Big 12 Matters Too (It Doesn’t; KU Ruins Everything)

I’m all for the well-deserved love that B1G and Big East basketball gets from my LMBF colleagues. But I also feel it’s important to speak for the underrepresented. The forgotten. What some might call “deplorables”. That’s right, we’re talking Big 12 hoops, baby. As of Monday, the Big 12 boasts three of the top seven teams in the AP Poll: KU (#2) Baylor (#6) and WVU (#7). And even though it didn’t place another team in the most recent rankings, the conference isn’t just top heavy. It could put six or seven of its 10 teams in the tournament....

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Alabama Thinks It’s the Underdog on Monday – No, Really

I’m all for so-called bulletin board material. When serial loudmouth Joey Bautista dumped on the Tribe’s pitching and then went 3-for-18 in the ALCS, Cleveland’s relentless trolling was fantastic – and well earned. His comments clearly pissed the Indians off, they used it as fuel and they weren’t shy about saying so. And even though it’s often overblown and overplayed, I can usually understand when teams use the “nobody believes in us” shtick. It’s galvanizing in a locker room, even if somewhat manufactured. But these comments coming out of the Alabama camp today cross a line and are just...

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Nobody Is “Good” at Fantasy Football

I won my fantasy football league this year (one of the most obnoxious conversation-starters that you’ll hear repeatedly this week, by the way). It’s also the second league I’ve won in five years (sorry, I realize I’m being that guy… getting to a point, I promise). This might lead you to think fantasy football is a thing I’m good at, or something I spent more than five minutes a week thinking about. If so, you’d be incorrect, because I have an objectively mediocre knowledge of the NFL and did not spend more than 5 minutes a week on my team. And...

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Notre Dame’s Ceiling is its Size – Again

Let’s play a quick game of “Name that season of Notre Dame basketball!” See if you can guess the Irish squad known for… Terrific guard play and 3-point shooting Spacing the floor and passing as well as any team in the nation Struggling to rebound and defend in the paint Stumped? Or have you #woke readers realized this is a rigged exercise? Because I just described almost every ND team since Luke Harangody graduated in 2010. And I especially just described the three most recent teams, which made back-to-back Elite 8’s and began this season 9-0. The Elite 8...

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The Real War on Christmas: You Can’t Watch All the Sports

We as a society have made undeniable progress against the stigmatization of watching sports on family holidays. Look no further than this Christmas, which offers a full slate of five NBA and two NFL contests. But unfortunately, some still feel it’s “inappropriate” to enjoy 12 hours of wall-to-wall sports action on the Christ child’s birthday (the real war on Christmas). Sadly, as long as these social pressures persist, you’ll have to make some tough choices. So I’m here to be an ally for you, the persecuted sports fan. Here’s a definitive ranking of the Christmas games (worst to best) that...

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