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Tonight’s The Night

So that Grand Slam last night sucked. But today is a new day, Game 5 tonight. Not about to get on my Stool Frederic soapbox, but LETS FREAKING GO! They may have momentum, but we have the stopper. The Professor is ready to go tonight, they have both Gio and Roark ready to go, I like our chances. Kyle went 7 innings of 2 hit ball in Game 1, he’s here to open and shut this series and I love our odds of that. We need to throw out the result in Game 4, wake up the bats, get...

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I HATE the fact that the Yankees are now an Underdog Story

As everyone probably already knows, The New York Yankees are heading to the ALCS. No, they didn’t have to beat the Twins in the ALDS like they always used to. Well I guess they had to beat them in the Wild Card game, but these New York Yankees beat the defending AL Champ Cleveland Indians (my World Series pick) in pretty dramatic fashion. Coming back down 2-0 to arguably a better team than the one that was essentially 1 out away from being the World Series Champs last year. Now these aren’t your grandfather’s Yankees, these aren’t even your...

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Derek Jeter is the New Owner of the Miami Marlins

Jeter just keeps on winning huh? Home run for his 3000th hit, walk-off in his last game ever, 14-time All-Star, 5-time World Series Champ, you get the message, he had the sports side covered. You’ve even seen the ESPN graphic of all the dimes he’s had in his day, a smokeshow all-star team if you will. Then he locked up the MVP of said team in Hannah Davis, knocks her up and he’s just rolling onto being a freaking baseball mogul now. Not to mentioned the Hall of Fame will be calling in a few years. With the announcement...

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Game of Thrones Recap S7:E2 Stormborn

Death and Sex, what have been said to be the pillars of Game of Thrones were back in full force during last nights episode “Stormborn”.  Of course we had the fateful deaths of Sand Snakes and the wonderfully awkward sex scene between Grey Worm and Missandei, but plenty more went down in this episode. We had the start of Jon’s eventual meeting with Dany, which will probably come next episode. This is huge news because we will finally be able to see how these two interact, GoT’s biggest fan favorite’s finally in the same room.  We had a heartbreaking...

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Game of Thrones Recap S7:E1

WE ARE BACK!!! Just like the Cubs are back with Q-Dog, America’s favorite show has made its long awaited return back into our lives. Oh boy was it sweet! We got to see Arya take down a whole house, Sandor Clegane having a spiritual mid-life crisis, and Ed Sheeran???? For real though, Episode 1 of Season 7 absolutely delivered. We picked right back up, postgame with Arya taking out all of House Frey (that faceless stuff will never get old). We got a glimpse into exactly how big and powerful the undead army has gotten, and it is not...

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