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NLCS Preview: Will History Be Rewritten?

National League Powers Collide Once Again If you haven’t paid attention to baseball since last October, don’t worry if you’re feeling a bit of déjà vu. In a twist of fate the Cubs and Dodgers will battle once again for the title of the National League’s best. After a hard-fought Game 5 victory in the NLDS over the Washington Nationals, the Cubs seek to become to the first team to repeat as World Series champions since the New York Yankees won three in a row from 1998 to 2000. With 104 wins and the best record in the Major Leagues,...

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2017 MLB Playoffs Picks

Who Will Take the Crown? October baseball is back, folks. This year’s playoffs feature some of the most competitive matchups in years. Given how much we like to debate about whose team is superior (Dodgers, ahem…), the LMBF staff couldn’t help but pick the winners of each playoff series. So without further ado, here are our predictions for the 2017 MLB playoffs.   Baseball ExpertsALDS: CLE vs. NYALDS: BOS vs. HOUNLDS: AZ vs. LANLDS: CHI vs. WASALCSNLCSWorld Series AntonCLEHOUAZCHIHOUCHICHI BovardCLEHOUAZWASHOUAZAZ JacksonCLEHOULACHICLELACLE B-FoxCLEBOSLAWASCLELACLE Sammy CroutonsCLEHOUAZCHIHOUAZHOU B-FrankCLEHOULAWASHOUWASWAS ChuckCLEBOSLACHICLECHICLE Dan-OCLEBOSLACHICLELACLE SurgesNYBOSAZCHIBOSCHICHI BartmanCLEHOULACHIHOUCHICHI The MachineCLEBOSAZCHICLECHICHI HayesCLEHOULAWASHOULALA   (Featured image courtesy of Business Insider)...

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Happy Birthday: Eddie George

Happy 44th birthday, Eddie George! A member of the College Football Hall of Fame, George was born on this date in 1973. The Ohio St. Buckeye won the Heisman Trophy in 1995 and went on to achieve a successful 9-year career in the NFL with the Houston Oilers and Tennessee Titans. His greatest achievement, however, was earning a spot on the cover of Madden 2001. As the superstar gracing the cover of the first Playstation game I ever owned, George quickly became my favorite player. A dedicated disciple of the Titans running back, I even dressed as E.G. for...

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This Day in Sports History: 8/20 Shoeless Joe Comes to the Sox

Every story has a beginning, and the tale of “Shoeless” Joe Jackson and the Black Sox Scandal is no different. Shoeless Joe’s part in the chronicle had its beginnings 102 years ago today, as the White Sox acquired Jackson from the Cleveland Indians in exchange for Robert Roth, Larry Chappell, Ed Klepfer, and $31,500. Jackson and seven teammates were accused of intentionally losing the 1919 World Series to the Cincinnati Reds in exchange for funds from notorious mob kingpin Arnold Rothstein. Although he was acquitted of any wrongdoing in a 1921 public trial, Shoeless Joe remains banned from consideration for...

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This Day in Sports History: 8/18 Fenway Gets A Rival

People forget that Chicago and New York aren’t the only cities to have ever played host to multiple MLB teams. On this day in 1915, Braves Field opened in Boston to a 3-1 Braves victory over the St. Louis Cardinals. Before being largely demolished in 1955 – part of the original stadium is built into the Nickerson Field athletic complex on Boston University’s campus – Braves Field saw its fair share of history: Babe Ruth’s final season in 1935 (Yes, he retired as a member of the Boston Braves.) The 1936 MLB All-Star Game The 1948 World Series (Boston...

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