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Illinois College of Law Softball Week 4

With a week 3 rainout the future lawyers of America were eager to get back on the field and the competition was nothing short of excellent.   Scores Pro Bono Bombers defeat Athletic Malpractice 14-13 Someone had to get in the win column this week. It was only fitting that it was extremely close. Torts Illustrated defeats The Attractive Nuisances 14-10  Close until the very end, Torts gets it done. Both teams agreed, a rematch in the championship would be ideal. Still 1L of a Team defeats B3 Bashers 18-0 Nothing to see here folks. Just a 3L team taking care of business… move along...

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Why US Soccer Fans Should Immediately Start Rooting for Greece

Well US soccer fans, it happened. The Men’s National team failed to qualify for the World Cup. There are so many unanswered questions all around, primarily “Who do I cheer for now?” Look no further than team Greece. I know… I know… the wound is way too fresh, but hear me out. The following are a few reasons to cheer on your favorite ancient civilization. The Best Offense is a Good Defense As we learned in the Battle of Thermopylae in 480 BC there is nothing quite like a good defense. A group of 300 or so scraggly Greeks...

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Hell in a Cell brings SmackDown Back from the Dead

Halloween is quickly approaching and that can only mean more ghouls, goblins, and zombies. The first weekend in October saw a different kind of resurrection from the dead in the form of the Hell in the Cell Pay Per View. It was not quite the home run that SmackDown needed, but it was a step in the right direction by all means. Shock of the Night (Zayn saves the day) This almost doesn’t need mentioning. The arrival of Sami Zayn in the nick of time to save his former friend/foe/friend shocked the WWE universe to its core. We all...

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Illinois College of Law Softball Week 2

Week 2 certainly did not disappoint. Here are the scores, commentary, and standings.   Scores Ball and Order defeats  Athletic Malpractice 21-1 This one got ugly pretty early folks. Is Ball and Order the 1L team to beat or just the team everyone wants to see lose? Torts Illustrated defeats Hughes, Jahnke, Wang, and Assoc. 20-1 The MVP’s of this contest were instantly treated to new hairstyles after the game. Well deserved after a huge win. Ball and Order Defeats Pleading the Bottom of a Fifth 18-5 An undefeated squad goes down, as many wonder what the outcome would have been had the Pleaders...

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Illinois College of Law Softball Week 1

It is that time of year again, as the future lawyers of America square off weekly the only way we know how…. Softball. The Illinois College of Law Softball League began last Friday and LMBF was on the scene to get a close look at the action…and intense debates with the umpires. The following is a recap of week 1 and a look ahead to week 2. Scores Pleading the Bottom of a Fifth defeats Athletic Malpractice 16-4 In a less than spectacular matchup, the far more experienced 2L team had their way with the newcomers. Torts Illustrated defeats LitiGators 18-6 Don’t...

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