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So Long, Old Friend

Crime of the Century: Bartolo Colon DFA’d Ladies and Gentlemen, I never thought we would see this day. Surely after 19 years as a pro and 44 years of life experience, there was no way the invincible god of the mound would fail to transcend all age barriers ever foreseen. He was going to be the one modern athlete to give us hope that Tom Brady is not the only exception to the rule. After posting a WAR of 3.4 and a 15-8 record with a 3.43 ERA and 1.21 WHIP at the ripe age of 43, surely this...

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Jack Harrigan: Athlete of a Generation

This Thanksgiving, our team at Let Me B-Frank had many things to be thankful for.  Cleveland blew a 3-1 lead, and the Cubs won their first World Series title since 1908.  Fenwick almost made a trip down state for football (Oops, too soon?). As Charlie and his SFYF crew took to the gridiron for another Turkey Bowl, we decided to give thanks for another sports icon.  Some might call him the athlete of a generation, others simply call him Jack, Harry, or ALSTOTT.  So as you all return to work or school from a week of gluttony, we give you one...

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The Darkest Age Has Just Begun

Jay Cutler is THE WORST QB in the NFL. Given the arm strength and above average raw ability that analysts love to talk about, I don’t think I have ever seen a quarterback in my lifetime waste more talent than Jay Cutler has. Don’t @ me on Twitter, don’t call me a fair weather fan, don’t angrily clench your fist like the Arthur memes. Read it and admit it to yourself. Jay Cutler is an embarrassment to aspiring NFL quarterbacks and does not deserve to be one of the men with a C on his jersey. But, leave it...

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Sports Media’s Undeniable Love for Chicago

Photo Courtesy of MLB/Chicago Cubs Media Why Anthony Rizzo or Kris Bryant Will Win NL MVP As if the absurd amount of Blackhawks games on national TV wasn’t already enough of an indicator, sports media really put its cards on the table with last year’s NL Cy Young award. If you’ve ever heard me speak in person about the Cubs, you know I loved every moment of Jake Arrieta’s dominance at the end of 2015. Jake definitely deserved recognition for his incredible year, but he was NOT the best pitcher in the National League in 2015 by any stretch...

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