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USMNT Just Lost to Trinidad and Tobago

I didn’t watch one second of this game. I haven’t watched a United States soccer game since Landon Donovan scored a goal against Ghana in the World Cup. All I know is that our best player is some guy named Pulisic and there’s no way that guy’s American. I am actually a fan of soccer, I just don’t care enough to watch it. BUT, and that’s a big BUT, I am literally in awe right now. What the hell is Trinidad and Tobago?! Are you telling me we aren’t going to the World Cup because we couldn’t beat a...

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LaVar Ball to Pull LaMelo from High School

Breaking: LaVar Ball is pulling LaMelo from Chino Hills High School and will home-school him the next two years, per @latimessports — Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) October 2, 2017 So LaVar has decided to pull LaMelo from high school. ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne spoke with LaVar yesterday when this news first broke, and here’s what LaVar had to say. Entrepreneur, visionary, fisher of men, patriarch, big baller, and now educator. If you don’t love this move then you truly don’t understand what parenting is all about. Do we think Algebra 2 and Victorian history are the catalysts for LaMelo’s future?...

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Down Goes Pitino, Let the Games Begin

Louisville expected to fire Rick Pitino today following fraud and corruption scandal, per @michaeleaves — Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) September 27, 2017 Before we get in to this, I just want to take a minute to do what nobody else has done yet. Let’s give my man Ricky P a shout out. Sex scandals, recruiting scandals, escort scandals, three Final Fours, and a National Championship: What a tenure. The guy was legitimately throwing bachelor party’s for his kids and giving their families a boat load of illegal money. Talk about treating others the way you want to be...

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NEW: Pittsburgh Steelers to remain in locker room during National Anthem today, ESPN confirms, following Pres. Trump's criticism of protests — ABC News (@ABC) September 24, 2017 Steelers will not participate in today‚Äôs National Anthem, as @JamieErdahl reported. Steelers will remain in locker room during Anthem. — Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) September 24, 2017   Pittsburgh. The Steel City. Gotham City. A place where grabbing your lunch pail and rolling up the sleeves isn’t just a saying, it’s simply a way of life. A culture built around blue collar steel toughness. A city where a yellow towel isn’t just used...

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NL Central On the Line, Cubs Welcome Cards to Wrigley

It’s that time of year again folks. We’ve weeded out all the country club fans, all the people who buy a ticket to a summer game at Wrigley just so they can get a picture with the squad for Instagram, all the posers, they’re all gone. We’re back to just the people who ride or die with this bunch, and there’s no other way I’d rather have it. Would we like to be up by 20 games right now? Yes. Would we like to have clinched a spot in the postseason by now? Of course. But there’s something about...

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