Author: Trey Mullady

Win For America: LiAngelo Ball And His Teammates Have Been Released

You hear that? That is the collective sigh of relief of every American at once when they heard the news. While we may be on the brink of nuclear war with North Korea thanks to Donny Twitterfingers and everyone in Hollywood is a diddler, everyone knows that LiAngelo Ball’s safety and the subsequent footage for Ball In The Family is priority #1. One thing is for sure though, this was 100% orchestrated by the mastermind, lunatic, entrepreneur, dad who has to watch his kids’ games from outside the gym door Lavar Ball. Lavar took a page right out of the...

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Baker Mayfield Will Be A Star In The NFL

This has been an outstanding year of college football so far and this upcoming weekend might be the best of the entire year. With four top-10 College Football playoff ranked teams playing eachother, #6 TCU vs. #5 OU and #2 Georgia vs. #10 Auburn, there is guaranteed to be a major shakeup in the polls come next week. I am personally extremely excited about the first game that I mentioned in particular though and that is for one reason only which is Baker Mayfield. He is by far my favorite player to watch in college football who is on...

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Baltimore Ravens Bye Week Report

With 9 weeks in the books, we have seen enough data and enough of an eye-test to know who the best teams are in the NFL. The Ravens, as this point, are not even close to being one of them. By loading up on defense in the offseason with almost exclusively drafting defensive players, giving Brandon Williams $50+ million, and Tony Jefferson $30+ million there was an immense amount of hype about being dominant on that side of the ball. While they haven’t been dominant, they have played well enough to win games week in and week out. This...

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