Lets Find a Trade Partner for Andrew McCutchen

The new hot rumor is that the Pirates are after Jose Quintana, but in order to acquire him they need to swing a 3 way deal to offload Andrew McCutchen and use the prospects acquired to help bring in Quintana and his Pirates-Friendly 4 year contract. (If you are looking for

Edwin Encarnacion to Cleveland

Fireworks right before the holidays. The Indians have locked up the best hitter on the Free Agent market at a position of need, effectively trading in Mike Napoli for Edwin Encarnacion. The AL Champs just got even stronger. Damn thats a great move, I wonder if anyone saw it coming. Me

Jose Quintana Trade Partners

Now that Chris Sale has been traded the new hot rumor is the White Sox moving on from Jose Quintana. While his stuff may not be as filthy as Sale's, Quintana has been nearly as good, and is signed for an extra year at an even cheaper rate than Sale's

If the White Sox REALLY Tear it Down

Rick Hahn started the fire with two moves this week, shipping out Chris Sale and Adam Eaton and adding 6 new guys to the White Sox top 10 prospects, including their top 4, 2 of which happen to be the #1 and #3 prospects in the game. Ill review what

5 Teams that should “Go For It”

  The MLB seems to be adopting the NBA style of tanking. You are either all in, or all out. The middle ground is evaporating, and the contenders are turning into Super Teams. If you want to contend with the Cubs and the Red Sox, you better be committed to really