What the Hell is Danny Ainge Waiting For?

The Celtics should be in win-now mode. They have Isaiah Thomas and Al Horford. So with that said, what the hell is Danny Ainge waiting for? The Nets pick will be made by some team with the *hope* that pick turns into a superstar. The should-be-in-win-now mode Boston Celtics can leverage that

The 2017 NBA Season Is Heating Up at the Right Time

The dirty secret of this NBA season was it was all just a played out opening act leading up to Warriors-Cavs round 3 in June. Many fans, myself included, were generally uninterested throughout the winter as whatever was going on in Football was still considerably better than watching the Warriors

LaMelo Ball’s 92 Point Game was so Lame

If you haven't heard yet, LaMelo Ball, the little brother of Lonzo, scored 92 points in a HS game. Here is the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dvn4hK6VIxE LAME Here's my hot takes bundled into a nice, unorganized rambling bullet list This kid sucks. Like to even be down to do this is garbage. Everyone wants to