College Basketball Bubble Watch

It's that time of year where everyone's favorite ambiguous term is constantly thrown around and associated with dozens of schools, the word is bubble. The college basketball bubble watch is on for this March's NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament and yours truly will be here each Friday to break down teams on

Thought Train Thursday: Cooney Returns


Better late than never, right? It's still Thursday in Omaha! Blog never sleeps. Cooney comes to town  LMBF's biggest, baddest blogger returned to Omaha on a #businesstrip and stopped by Dinker's for a taste test. As one of my favorite oft-replicated tweets goes: It's kind of messed up that there's so many songs

LaMelo Ball’s 92 Point Game was so Lame

If you haven't heard yet, LaMelo Ball, the little brother of Lonzo, scored 92 points in a HS game. Here is the video. LAME Here's my hot takes bundled into a nice, unorganized rambling bullet list This kid sucks. Like to even be down to do this is garbage. Everyone wants to

Notre Dame Basketball’s Mid-Season Crisis

Last night I was walking to class and remembered that Notre Dame was playing basketball…or at least I thought they were.  I pulled up The Score and looked for the game but couldn’t find it.  I was SURE they were playing.  Then I remembered…the score tab shows scores in the