Central Florida Is Selling Cabanas Behind The End-Zone And It’s Awesome

https://twitter.com/darrenrovell/status/824326933341229061 As reported by king nerd and ESPN contributor Darren Rovell, Central Florida will be selling on-field suites that are full-blown cabanas behind the end-zone for $22,000 a season. I absolutely love this. Such a Florida move and honestly, it's probably the only place that could get away with doing it.

I Miss College Football: A Look Back at a Matchup I Would Have Loved to See


After Creighton's announced cancellation of a second consecutive 'ice day' due to a storm that never was, I arrived home from work to a house full of my partying peers. I ate a stuffed chicken breast from my neighborhood Hy-Vee and made the conscious decision to spend the night at my