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Miami Sushi House Now Offers Awesome Turnover Chain-Inspired Sushi Roll

The Miami Hurricane’s “turnover chain” has been arguably the biggest story coming out of college football this year, which is saying a lot. It appears that the rest of Miami is starting to ride the coat tails of the piece of jewelry’s success: It's all about the U! At the @HardRockStadium? Come check out our awesome new #TurnoverChain Roll, sold for a limited time only. @espn @MiamiHurricanes — Sushi Maki (@gosushimaki) November 18, 2017 Like I’ve said before, I NEED the ‘Canes to make the CFB Playoff. I want turnover chain shirts, I want turnover chain cereal, I...

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Week 12 Top 25 College Football Picks

A huge slate of 23 games coming up in Week 12 for the College Football Top 25. The game of the week is in Madison with Michigan heading to Camp Randall to take on the Badgers. A lot of the LMBF Staff likes Air Force in an upset win over Boise State. GamesB-FrankPeteHayesNorlandWoodingBovardMordecaiB-FoxBartmanAntonJacksonHankBrendan Last Week13-412-512-514-311-614-312-514-314-313-412-512-513-4 Overall167-44160-51168-43167-44165-46144-67169-42165-46174-37162-49167-44170-41163-48 1 Alabama vs MercerAlabamaAlabamaAlabamaAlabamaAlabamaAlabamaAlabamaAlabamaAlabamaAlabamaAlabamaAlabamaAlabama 2 Clemson vs CitadelClemsonClemsonClemsonClemsonClemsonClemsonClemsonClemsonClemsonClemsonClemsonClemsonClemson 3 Miami (FL) vs VirginiaMiami (FL)Miami (FL)Miami (FL)Miami (FL)Miami (FL)Miami (FL)Miami (FL)Miami (FL)Miami (FL)Miami (FL)Miami (FL)Miami (FL)Miami (FL) 4 Oklahoma at KansasOklahomaOklahomaOklahomaOklahomaOklahomaOklahomaOklahomaOklahomaOklahomaOklahomaOklahomaOklahomaOklahoma 5 Wisconsin vs 24 MichiganWisconsinMichiganMichiganWisconsinMichiganMichiganMichiganWisconsinWisconsinWisconsinWisconsinWisconsinWisconsin 6 Auburn at Louisiana-MonroeAuburnAuburnAuburnAuburnAuburnAuburnAuburnAuburnAuburnAuburnAuburnAuburnAuburn 7 Georgia vs KentuckyGeorgiaGeorgiaGeorgiaGeorgiaGeorgiaGeorgiaGeorgiaGeorgiaGeorgiaGeorgiaGeorgiaGeorgiaGeorgia...

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Notre Dame Responds to the Turnover Chain With… This?

Last week the talk of the College Football World was And Miami’s 41-8 Thrashing of Notre Dame on National T.V. Naturally, Notre Dame had to change the conversation and bring out some swag of their own. Introducing… You have got to be shitting me. Notre Dame responds to the Turnover Chain by busting out the Leather Helmet look from 1892. God Bless. Its also Senior Day, and if I was a senior I would be PISSED that on my big day I have to leave my beautiful all Gold Helmet in the Locker Room and come stunting out in...

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LMBF College Football Playoff Picks: Week 12

Week 12 1 2 3 4 Wooding Alabama Oklahoma Clemson Miami B-Frank Alabama Oklahoma Miami Clemson Anton Alabama Oklahoma Clemson Miami Brendan Alabama Oklahoma Clemson Miami Norland Alabama Miami Oklahoma Wisconsin B Fox Alabama Wisconsin Miami Oklahoma Surges Alabama Miami Oklahoma Clemson Hayes Alabama Oklahoma Miami Clemson Jackson Alabama Oklahoma Clemson Miami Neil Alabama Miami Oklahoma Wisconsin Mordecai Alabama Miami Oklahoma Clemson Hank Alabama Clemson Oklahoma Miami Share this:PrintTweetEmailLike this:Like...

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Miami and The Turnover Chain Bully Notre Dame In Dominating 41-8 Win

Notre Dame might be allergic to South Beach, because the Fighting Irish got their ass kicked once again in Miami after getting trounced 41-8 in a highly-anticipated Catholics vs Convicts matchup against the Miami Hurricanes. Notre Dame lost in similar fashion to Alabama in the National Championship game in 2013, losing 42-14 to the Crimson Tide in Miami as well. The Hurricanes have since moved up to the #2 team in the country in the AP poll after beating the previously ranked #3 Fighting Irish. Absolutely dominating performance by the Canes, absolutely pitiful performance by Notre Dame. Miami played...

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