NFL Divisional Round DFS Picks

The reduced slate of NFL playoff weekends isn't great for betting; I hate being forced to pick games from a small slate. So to get my taste of gambling, I've been playing some DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports) this playoff season. After bringing home some cash last weekend thanks to Paul

Nobody Is “Good” at Fantasy Football

I won my fantasy football league this year (one of the most obnoxious conversation-starters that you’ll hear repeatedly this week, by the way). It’s also the second league I’ve won in five years (sorry, I realize I’m being that guy… getting to a point, I promise). This might lead you to

Week 10 Fantasy Football Preview

I know, I know, I didn’t do my fantasy blog for weeks 8 and 9. For all you award winning readers out there, I am deeply sorry. The Cubs playoff run had my undivided attention. Anyways, we’re heading into week 10 of the NFL season. This is truly make it or

Week 7 Fantasy Football Preview

Another week is in the books, and another disappointing primetime outing for the Bears. I heard a lot of hopeful fans (myself included) talking about the Bears making a huge run to make the playoffs after a 1-5 start; the Chiefs did it last year!!! Well, this is obviously not