There’s a New Wade in Chicago

And his name is Wade Davis. Today, the Cubs officially announced a one-for-one swap: Jorge Soler for dynamite closer Wade Davis. Davis was part of the 2014 and 2015 AL-pennant-winning Kansas City Royals and won the World Series the second year with now-Cub Ben Zobrist. Davis will fill the role of "elite

10 Interesting MLB Trade Candidates

The Winter Meetings are coming up (pending CBA resolution); which means right now is the perfect time for a nice juicy MLB Blockbuster. With that in mind I decided I would run through the top 10 major trade candidates on the market. With many of the teams not buying being

2016 MLB Free Agency Predictions

Let Me Be-Frank's MLB guys Charlie Wooding, John Hayes, Brian Franklin, Steve Campbell and the three Nicks (Surges, Anton and Phillips) take a stab at the 2016 MLB Free Agency Market. Top 30 Free Agents provided by MLB Trade Rumors. Make sure to follow along here at Let Me Be