Bryan Bickell Is Practicing Again   Well this was a pretty heartwarming start to my week to say the least. While there is virtually no chance he plays professional hockey again, it is great to see him going for it. In case you forgot, this past November he was diagnosed with MS after years of all

It’s the Anniversary of the Filthy Rick Nash Goal

I was talking with a buddy about hockey earlier today. We were talking about this and that, and naturally, we began to talk about some of the nastiest goals we have seen. Such as this one: What a prophetic call that was. Anyway, I had brought up Rick Nash scoring a beautiful goal

Calgary Flames, It’s Time To Rebrand

In light of adidas taking over control of jerseys starting next season, one of my immediate thoughts was that the Flames NEED to go back to the all red retros for a home sweater. Now, because the NHL (Gary Bettman) is kinda lame, they are only allowing teams to wear

USA Hockey is BACK

(photo: If last night's win didn't make you proud to be an American, then I do not know what will. Not many people know this, but to Canadians, winning the gold in World Juniors is right up there with winning a Stanley Cup. I'm not even kidding. Last week Taylor

Patrick Kane Tallies 700th Career Point

Last night against the Predators, Kaner had a helper on the Toews redirect and buried one past Pekka Rinne in a 3-2 victory on the road to tally career points 699 and 700. In the last year or so, Kane has been hitting milestone after milestone and setting record after

Hawks and Preds: Passing Clinic and Crow’s Heads Up Plays

The Chicago Blackhawks took on the Nashville Predators tonight and it was not a disappointing game. Crawford is back in net again and was making phenomenal saves that normally would’ve eaten him up. However, Crawford came up strong allowing only two tough goals and walking away with a win. The