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Saga Over: Duchene to Sens, Turris to Preds

It had been apparent for a long time: the Colorado Avalanche and center Matt Duchene needed to part ways. General manager and Avalanche legend Joe Sakic held onto Duchene past the 2017 NHL Draft in Chicago after the team had a dismal 2016-17 campaign, finishing with a league-worst 48 points. It created an awkward beginning to training camp and start of the 2017-18 season, where Duchene reported to training camp and said he basically was only there for his teammates. But his presence probably made it awkward for them, as well. Shortly into this season, the saga has finally...

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Chicago Blackhawks Not-So-Live Live Blog

Back in the city taking some time off from my Tide so I decided I’d head on over to the Madhouse and live blog the Hawks vs Preds game. The things I do for you people. Had a wonderful meal in Greek two at Rodity’s, go check them out before the close, great pre-Hawks game tradition. Walking in for my first game this season and man I was impressed with what they did regarding the new atrium and fan shop. Excellent set up, great new store, good work United Center. Well…. Blackhawks lost 2-1 But hey we got out...

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Kneel Before Saad

When Saad was traded to the Columbus Blue Jackets after the 2015 Blackhawks Stanley Cup win, I was confused, angry, and sad all at the same time. Well now Saad is back where he belongs in Chicago, and he’s come back in a huge way. Saad brings back so many things that were either lackluster in the 2016 and 2017 playoffs, or he brings back things that his counterpart; Artemi Panarin, never had. The things that were lackluster that Saad brings back to me are speed, size, and scoring. Panarin had a hard time being effective in the two...

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Marc-Andre Fleury Injured

Marc-Andre Fleury has suffered yet another unfortunate concussion in a 6-3 loss against the Detroit Red Wings. It was the first loss for the Vegas Golden Knights as well. Fleury was injured when Red Wing forward Anthony Mantha’s knee hit Fleury in the head. Despite being hit in the head, the NHL’s concussion spotters didn’t deem the injury bad enough to remove Fleury from the game. I hope for the Knights sake, and more importantly Fleury’s, that him staying in didn’t somehow worsen the concussion. It’s especially odd that Fleury wasn’t taken out considering this is not the first...

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Chicago Blackhawks: Top 10 Goals in 2017-2018

You don’t have to be a Blackhawks fan to enjoy watching the reigning Stanley Cup champs get stuffed in a locker. As a result, here are the Hawks’ Top 10 goals from the 2017-2018 season, in no particular order…. 10. Hartman goal — steph (@myregularface) October 6, 2017 9. Saad goal — steph (@myregularface) October 6, 2017 8. Schmaltz goal — steph (@myregularface) October 6, 2017 7. Saad's 2nd — steph (@myregularface) October 6, 2017 6. Sharp goal — steph (@myregularface) October 6, 2017 5. Kane goal — steph (@myregularface) October 6, 2017...

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