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Introducing Monday Afternoon Scrum Half (MASH), A Weekly Rugby Round Up

LMBF is the premier home for rugby coverage, catered specifically to fans who may not exactly be experts of the sport, as we all know. In order to keep that title, I’m introducing a new weekly post that’ll seek to catch you up on everything that happened the previous week in the world of rugby. We’ll have highlights, analysis, tips, and more every Monday afternoon because my Monday morning is typically still an extension of Saturday night. Be sure to tweet at @letmebfrankblog with any question you’d want addressed and I’ll try and answer it the best I can....

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Don’t Forget, Women’s Rugby Became An Olympic Sport

The Rio Olympics may seem like a lifetime ago but as we celebrate the accomplishments of women all across the world, I thought it would be prudent to provide a subtle reminder of the Games. Rugby re-entered the Olympics after a nearly 80 year hiatus but came back as both a men’s and women’s event. All the more opportunity for Team USA to bring back the gold, if you ask me. Here’s a cool video to just remind everyone of what a remarkable milestone Rio 2016 was not only for the sport of rugby but for women everywhere! Share...

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USA Brings Home The Bronze In Las Vegas Sevens

If you’re going to watch only one game, let it be this one For those of you unfamiliar with the event, the Las Vegas Sevens series may be the most electrifying sporting event in the United States, no hyperbole. Sure, the Super Bowl gets more hype and the World Series has a century and more of history behind it but in terms of pure entertainment value, nothing tops LVS. Sevens, if you didn’t know, is a 7v7 version of rugby with slightly watered down rules to encourage fast paced action, high scoring, and to be played tournament style over...

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Scotland Upsets Wales For The First Time Since 2007

The rules of international rugby are being re-written all the time. In the most recent World Cup, Japan upset South Africa in a thrilling finish and more recently, Ireland stunned the All Blacks right here in Chicago at Soldier Field. Earlier today, Scotland beat Wales with a final score of 29-13. Highlights for your viewing pleasure Maybe it wasn’t quite as dramatic as the other two upsets but still note worthy all the same. This ain’t your daddy’s European-style rugby. Fast attacks, constant tempo, and a weaning off of the ever-important set piece are all seeing a renaissance in the Old World....

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6 Nations 2017 Kicks Off Tomorrow

Finally! The eve of the day we’ve been waiting all year for! What an awesome opportunity to day drink on a lovely, frigid Saturday. Below is the link for game start times and, of course, a a guide for the uninitiated. Have a few beers, post up in the corner of a bar somewhere, and enjoy the magic of rugby.     Share this:PrintTweetEmailLike this:Like...

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