WWE Hot Take: It is Time for the Rise of Luke Harper

Year after year we see the WWE overlooking their most talented wrestlers simply because they do not have "the look." The most recent example being the absolutely pitiful treatment of Luke Harper. He is by far the most talented big man in the WWE and gets little to no respect. With

Seth Rollins Out With Another Knee Injury

The nightmare continues for the most talented man on the roster. Seth Rollins will miss a substantial amount of time and possibly Wrestlemania due to the re-injuring of his knee. There's a lot that led up to this so I will break it down piece by piece. The First Injury On November

Royal Rumble Reaction

The 2017 Royal Rumble was must watch television. The whole event, including the pre-show, yielded four belt exchanges and a plethora of budding story-lines. The winner of the rumble, Randy Orton (no relation to Kyle), came "outa nowhere" to solidify his spot in the Wrestlemania main event. Who he will challenge

Cheers to the Royal Rumble Drinking Game

Those who follow the blog know my obsession with Stone Cold Steve Austin. What endeared him to so many fans was his ability to combine the excitement of wrestling with the delight of a cold beer. On January 29th you too can be like Stone Cold as you participate in

My Somewhat Too Early Royal Rumble Predictions

The greatest event in sports entertainment is less than a month away as the entire WWE universe breaks out in a YES! YES! YES! For those who do not follow, the Royal rumble is a 30 man free for all in the ring starting with 2 and adding a wrestler